We Got Our Two Year Old A PONY For His Birthday! Seungjae "Did you eat my Dad..?" [The 2 months ago   12:23

Landon has landed 2 years ago and where has time gone? We all turn into party animals and Khoa pets a pony for the first time ever. He cries. Landon gets all the toys he wants and he cries. Jackson holds a chicken and the chicken cries. Sutton is judging all of us and Keren gets tot ride the pony! This party is awesome! Enjoy!

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Katie Lincoln
Khoa & Keren,
This makes my heart ache & sing all in the same breathe. Landon is two and that means I have officially watched over 800 days of daily vlogs, sharing in every celebration, tear shed, and every greatly executed timelapse. You deserve the Streamy nomination you've received, and you deserve Youtube plaque as well. You are great parents raising your children in a world where it's really hard to know what's really hard what is right. Parents don't know what they're doing, they just give it their all and love their babies. That is the content I seek out when I search for your vlog every day for the last two years. Jackson Khai, Landon Kal, and Sutton Rain are blessed to have such great parents, and you're blessed to have such handsome babies.
Madeleine Kneer
what would Sutton like ??
cause ....
Landon: animals
Jackson: Trucks
Sutton: ?????
Madeleine Kneer
Margarida Borda d'Água
I love your videos.and Jackson & London are so cute
Sophie Blackhurst
landon’s love for animals makes my heart melt awww
Didn't he have his first sleep over at Nonie's apartment?

Catching up on vlogs
Sienna Hockey
Your children are blessed with the best parents I love u guys so much 💗💗💗
Delia Muñoz-batista
Landon going around and petting all the animals was the cutest thing ❤️❤️❤️
Xitlaly llanas
Lmao love that taylor eating part 🤣😂
Jennifer Bell
Landon doesn’t talk very much for 2. I definitely don’t think he’s developing slower then average. I can tell from what I see in the vlogs that he is a little mamma/daddy’s boy that gets his way more without expressing words. Plus, when I was younger, I had a brother 18 months older then me that talked for me a lot. So, I totally get it. It’s so interesting:
tatum spowehn
Can’t believe I’ve officially been subscribed for 2 years now... you guys have made such an impact on my life and yet you don’t even know me. Continue to be the amazing people/parents/influencers you are today. Love you guys and your 3 babies so much!!
Nechya Ellis-graves
Was that missy from dailybumps walking the horse!! 2:14
Carissa Forde
when will people realize, jackson is only THREE. he’s a kid just like landon. him wanting the attention and presents too is normal. landon wasnt in the way of jackson on his birthday because landon was too young to even care lol.
Sadie Marie
Okay so Karen is like body goals, birthday party goals, house goals, relationships Goals and anything else you can think of, they definitely living there best life
Dee Aquino
Such a cute party
Bethany Schneider
Landon's "night night" at the end literally melted my heart
Watching the animls in the backyard reminded me of khoa saying “my backyard, my green grass ”
Heyits Cass
“This is gonna be awesome guys” - NEW MERCH?!!!!
brianna benton
this is so awesome!!
plus its so cool to see yall are friends with jelian and mateo!!
Jesus Loves You so MUCH
jakson so cute at 8:46
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Seungjae "Did you eat my Dad..?" [The We Got Our Two Year Old A PONY For His Birthday! 2 months ago   16:08

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