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Tim Pool is an independent journalist. His work can currently be found at and on his YouTube channel:

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Peter Williams
Re the cops w/the OK sign in the 4chan photo: you guys are smart, but you totally missed this one.

Look, guys, it's a taunt. It's a way of poking fun of crazy tin-foil-hatted conspiracy theorists. It's like you're working as a NASA tour guide, and one annoying guy keeps asking crazy questions, and you finally can't take it anymore and you say, "yea, I could tell you that, but then you'd figure out how they faked the moon landing." And you laugh and tell your friends about it over beer later.

So my guess is these cops are like, "yeah, we bust drug dealers and we're proud of it, you bet; we know you extreme lefties think we're all nazis in some secret cabal, and we are so sick of hearing that s**t.... hey, here ya go, here's something to feed your conspiracy theories (flash a sign), have at it crazy people. We're just doin' our job." And then they walk away laughing, seeing what insanity they've provoked, and the joke's on the paranoid conspiracy theorist who falls for it. Simple as that.
Eddie Stark
I like common sense he should be a regular.
LMAO I have a buddy who introduced me to the circle game and he shares memes of it all the time. A+ Jamie
Da Roostah
The cops thing. Jesus Joe you can't be that stupid. Joe and Jamie will be flat earthers before long.
bach zoel spaatch
1:12:30 " and over time i went through a ton of important lessons ..." and if jesus... seems pretty all right ...the moment Joe and Tim found Jesus . Please somebody make a clip
I really like Tim Pool, but I really wish that he'd improve his wardrobe, at least when he appears in public, like in this interview. It's not that big a deal for his podcasts. But for a guy and journalist who's in his early 30's, I think that he'd look even more reputable if he upped his wardrobe "game".
The Great Clarifying
Right on Joe "labels are toxic"
"rage bait" - good term

When are these SJW/Marxist going to understand that intersectionality/identity politics is just a means to divide the lower income classes from the upper income classes.

"Rising Tide Lifts All Ships" TIM you're parroting the Republican line.... ;)

how about an emotional intelligence test for accessing social media. if you can't control your emotions, you really shouldn't be swimming in such a big pool.
Woke up about MSM about 5 years ago..Youtube has been my staple for all my news since. Listening to this podcast (big fan of JR) felt that although they were talking about the MSM "bubble" it occurred to me that in this podcast, Timcast (Tim Pool) is actually getting into his own "bubble". I had previously subbed to his channel but he truly believes that censorship is not gonna happen to him (in his bubble) Made me think...isn't that where all good intentions go...the beginning is altruistic and against the "man" (i.e. MSM) and is living the "life" lol of not being banned, but once he got a liittle taste of notoriety and travel and a little of the trappings of celebrity..all of a sudden Youtube aint all that bad....."just follow the rules??" --makes me suspicious.
John F
Hey Jamie, if you're reading this then fuck you newfag
matthew warren
Milos followers criticized Leslie Jones they called it attacks.
Scott Carlon
On Assange, both are lacking facts, therefore, their views are mute.
If you remove peoples ability to peacefully address their grievances publicy, they will be pushed to violence. People will always find ways to network with people of similar ideals. If they are pushed into isolated bubbles, the most extreme voices will radicalize the rest without outside opinions. If you think banning people prevents them from connecting with others of their kind, consider the plague of pedophiles inhabiting the internet despite being banned from everywhere.
Chuck Jett
I still play the "made you look" game. Everybody trying to ruin my childhood.
Consis Grim
this video getting blocked in portland oregon
Archie Bendall
posted a comment on the racial equity clauses on tim pools videos asking what the clauses are cause i seriously don't know and i fell looking up BBC articles on it not very reliable, i don't want to spend 2-6 hours of my life reading the whole green new deal, can someone sumerise these supposed racial equality clauses
Tau12us R
Jamie really stretching to paint police officers as white supremacist from a vague picture and no knowledge of the people in the picture, I've seen people use a picture with the OK symbol to catch people off-guard.
Pool seems to be pretty wise for his age.
Andres Columbus
Harvard & Yale is for freemasons...and Kubrick staged the moon landing.
jorge espinha
I'm right wing, conservative , etc....More than a year ago I left facebook. So I looked at Gab after listening to this podcast. I got a sample of crazy! Aparently National Review is a left wing magazine! They are of course Cucks. In Portuguese the feed isn't much better. If Gab is the answer to FB, I prefer to be away from social media
The Roach Den
No citizen in the United States should ever pay more than half of their total income to the government. Ever.
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