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Janet Newbill
Love this video and true!!!!
Thank you
Jahir F
this man and bob proctor literally saved lives 💯💯 i look up to people like that
Ray Lemar's Art Channel
This guy is a rock of motivation. He is a thinking man's man.
lil L 'lisa d-j davies - jones
Thank you for your inspiration and information iam very greatful & its very helpful.... amen .✌❤💌
Julien Coach Sportif #Gymsports #TshoulyConcept
Amazing message. Thank you
moreno franco
Luis Colon
Keep your strong, if you dont it, no will do it for you!
Renee Tasha Murphy
eddie robles
I started listening to Earl nightingale when I was 24 years old and changed my life . 🙏🙏
Cordelle Hauz
- Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal

- The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice
it is conformity

- Life is not shaped by circumstances

- Who succeeds? The only person who succeeds is the person who is
progressively realizing a worth ideal

- Instead of competing all we have to do is create

- Goals are crucial

- People who succeed have goals because they know where they are going

- The human race is fixed, not to prevent the strong from winning,
but to prevent the weak from losing

- The key to success AND failure : we become what we think about

- "A mans life is what his thoughts make of it"

- "A man is what he thinks about all day long"

- "The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their
lives by altering their attitudes of mind"

- "If you only care enough for a result you will almost certainly will obtain it.
If you wish to be rich, you will be rich. If you wish to be learned, you will be learned.
If you wish to be good, you will be good. Only if than you wish these exclusively."

- "If thou cares to believeth, all things are possible to him that believeth"

- If you think in negative terms, you will get negative results
If you think in positive terms, you will achieve positive results!

- Believe and succeed

- The human mind has riches beyond your wildest dreams!

- Plant your goal in your mind it's the most important decision you will ever make
in your entire life!

- Everyone us of is the sum total of his own thoughts, he is where he is because that's
exactly where he wants to be wether he will admit that or not.

- Live off the fruit of your thoughts in the future, because of what you think of today
or tomorrow, next week, next month or next year, will mold your life and determine your future.

- You're guided by your mind

- We must control our thinking/thoughts

- The architect of the universe didn't build a stairway leading nowhere

- As he believes, so shall be done, unto you

- For every action there is an equal opposite reaction (positive/negative reaction)

- We can achieve nothing without paying the price

- Each of us succeeds to the extent to the ability to sell

- You must be willing to pay the price

- We must control our thoughts, to control our lives

- As he sows, so shall he reap

- Your limitations are self imposed

- Think positively on your problems

- Think about your goals or problems from every angle, let your imagination speculate
freely on multiple solutions, to refuse to believe that there are any circumstances, to
sufficiently strong to defeat you in your accomplishment of your purpose.



- Idea's are useless unless we ACT on them

- New habits are not easily formed

- Stop thinking about what it is you fear (replace the fear with your goal)

- It's easier for a human being to think negatively than positively, that's why only
5% are successful

- Don't concern about how you're gonna achieve your goal, all you have to do is know
where you are going, the answers will come to you of their own accord at the right time

- Ask and it shall be giveth you. Seek and he shall find. Knock and it shall be opened onto you.
For everyone that asketh, recieveith. He who seeketh, findeth. And to him who knocketh, shall be opened.

- All you need in life is a purpose & faith

- Act as though it was impossible to fail


- By being persistent you are demonstrating faith

- If you didn't have faith, you wouldn't be persistent

- Nothing great was every accomplished without inspiration

- Don't worry, cause worry brings fear and fear is crippling

- Hold your goal before you and everything else will take care of itself

- Our financial return will be in direct proportion of our service

- We EARN money, the only way to EARN money is to provide people with services
or products that are needed and useful, we exchange our time or our product or
service for the other mans money, therefore the law is,our financial return is in direct
result of our service.

- Success is not the result of making money, money is the result of success, success is the
direct result of our service

- It's like the man who sits in front of the stove and says "give me heat and than ill add the wood"
we've got to put the fuel in, before we can expect heat.

- We have got to be of service first before we can expect money.

- Don't concern yourself with the money. Be of service, build, work, dream, create, do this and you will
do this and you will find their is no limit to the prosperity of the abundance that will come to you.

- Prosperity is found in the law of mutual exchange, any person who contributes himself to prosperity
must prosperously return himself.

- Your success will always be measured by the quality and quantity of service you render
money is a yardstick for measuring this service.

- No man can enrich himself, unless he enriches others.

- Your return is equal to your service

- This is the price you must pay for what you want

- If you feel like you can enrich yourself by diluting others, you will end by only diluting yourself

- You get back what you put out! (It is impossible to invert this)


1. Set yourself a definite goal

2. Quit running yourself down

3. Stop thinking of all the reasons why you cannot be successful, and instead think of
all the reasons of why you can!

4. Trace your attitudes back through your childhood, and try to discover why you thought
you can't be successful if that's the way you've been thinking

5. Change the image you have of yourself, by writing the description of the person you'd like to be

6. ACT THE PART of the successful person you have decided to become


Hope this helps! Nightingale has to be one of the greatest of all time and one of the OG's of Personal Development, creating lifetime philosophies that work wonders. Enjoy!
Koronswagg 17
Most people fail in life because school indoctrinate you to be a worker. What's missing on the educational system is critical thinking.
nim shetty
This stuff works . I came here the states . 1. Become a citizen by 2018 🗽2. Start my own constructing business Monday- Friday making 10,000 a month and serving 100 clients and 50 hours a week 👍🏽3. Run a 6 minute mile bench press 225 squat 225 and plank 3 minutes 👋🏽4. Marry a blonde 👱‍♀️ 5-8 color graduate and good family 👏🏽5. Buy a 2018 suv 🚙 boom done 6. Help 1 person a day smile , ask how are you or buy a snack 👋🏽.... it works and key is to make pictures and imagine .... example I had a USA 🇺🇸 flag and my picture .. I had a picture of Will Smith and put my face on his .. I built a website for business and have cards to every person . 100 a day and pile get 1 call ..
Hans Hoerdemann
Most are broke because they live in a minimum wage system. Duh.
King Me
As a man thinketh so he is
-James Allen
Rob Madera
Thank you for the message God bless you and your family 🙏
Karen K. Madison
I have been watching this every day for about a year. My business is doing very we'll..
Ichigo Uzumaki
Tha richest land?? They must live in Africa 😏🙄
I love this
Magnanimous Whetstone
This works both ways. Negatively and Positively. Think about your past and Present relationships. The ship crashes cause there is no unity in thoughts, just two people going two different directions going nowhere fast. Imagine the fatigue, the frustration, the damage that this tug Of war does Over time. God said marry those or to be amongst those who are evenly yolked. Those who are like minded. And the reason for this is because if one mind could create something out of nothing, then how much more could you create with two or more minds commited to going in the same direction.
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