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Earl Nightingale
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Talisha Rice
I love and appreciate this channel so much! Anyone watching you will love the book History Is So Screwed Up. its a novel available on
Family link
Inspiring I will try to do it
Family link
Inspiring I will try to do it
Hannah Perry
Completely agree with the law of attraction. Believe, work hard and succeed!
rise & shine and win
Start today you have nothing to lose but you have a whole life to win.
rise & shine and win
Wish i would of knew this in my 20s not 30s but no better time then the present
Download Ultimate Products
For your patience and caring, i just want to say: "Thank you".
Finding Awesome
He had the best voice. Spot-on advice 😊
Fuck off with your bullshit advertising “three fold freedom” load of fucking shit trying to sell ice to the fucking Eskimos what a big fucking scam
Ceril Fuellas
I listened to this video everyday especially when I lost my job and important ones in my life. This video is timeless and help people think, work hard and stay positive.
Vans World
I am a success that has no end. I am learning every day to improve myself. This video went into my playlist to re listen to again. 👍😁
J. Michelle Padilla
I think it's more than, strange...
Mr Running Bear
Back again!
Richard Doyle
I listen to this every day more then once. I am only on my first week, my attitude is amazing, several times a day I get so over wealmend with with pure happiness. And I will listen to this as a ritual for many many years to come. please please listen and I mean listen make send a of every word and this will work. I am in my first week and I already no it will work!!!
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Owen Daniels
Earl was the greatest of all time. I'm addicted to these damn videos 😂
He’s got great vocals!
This is needed
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(PART 2) Dr. Myles Munroe: What LISTEN TO THIS EVERYDAY, IT'LL 2 days ago   13:55