UNBELIEVABLE: FAKE PASTOR EXPOSED *MUST WATCH* "Sacrifice your 4 months ago   11:48

Pastor Alph Lukau

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St. John#5 Faith Church
Alph Lukau isn't a pastor either, so. . . .
Kenneth Igben
Ignorance. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. What a pity.
Nyawere Betty
i really wonder y pipo call men of God fake who are u to judge every miracle u give it to the devil Wen does Ur God work pipo who dis agree with the annoited survant of God
pinian siv
Both testing GOD POWER
AH FLU will see fire destroying him
pinian siv
All pre plan and scripted
both will go to fire
Michael Turany
did I hear some body say plant woooo cheecky cheecky holey buttfuck talk about blind emotion this guy is beatter than Hitler or maybe these people are just too fucking DUMB
Dwithun Borgoyary
If a human is chosen by God, he will never expose himself, he will never claim himself Alph Lukao. LoL
Arab Irish
Chase this mother fucker Malawian from south Africa.
Arab Irish
You fucking Malawian mother fucker go back to you fucking country an make them rich and priest them you fucking country people dying and crying for food and wealth. Mother fucker you never had bicycle before but now you come to south Africa an
now you have private Jet
Yongyo Mys
Do not play with Jesus, He is the Living God. Please Jesus forgive our sins. Amen. Praise the Lord
Are u entertaining people in God's name. Dont play with God. Preach the Word of God not yourself
Gulista Begum
u all evil spirit ..please don't reveal fake things..
Wisdom musiyarira
Kkkkk that is fake ,these guys planned this thing,OPEN EYES GUYS ,YERRRRRRRRRR
Hussein inteligence
All are fake pastors just acting a movie fucking pastor
jose Arthur
God is here 🙏
ndoh austin
Both of them are false
Prophetess Dr. Cherli Montgomery
I looking so forward to coming to a real church with real people of God who love GOD'S People.
Prophetess Dr. Cherli Montgomery
Hallelujah they sent him to the wrong man of God. They don't know the Mighty God that we serve. Touch not my ANOINTED & DO MY PROPHETS NO HARM.
Prophetess Dr. Cherli Montgomery
Expose the devil
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*MUST WATCH* "Sacrifice your UNBELIEVABLE: FAKE PASTOR EXPOSED 4 months ago   16:57