Outlook for Egypt's economy - BBC report Was The Arab Spring Bad For Egypt? 2 days ago   05:35

Howard Johnson
(aired in December 2014) Now to Egypt where three years of political and social unrest -- wreaked havoc on the country’s economy. Foreign reserves plummeted as investors and tourists kept their distance. But hope was restored in June this year when former military General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was elected President following a pledge to kickstart the economy. Backed by more than 10 billion dollars of aid from Gulf countries President Sisi announced a slew of infrastructure projects while raising taxes and slashing fuel subsidies. So six months on how are his reforms faring? Howard Johnson travelled to the Egyptian capital, Cairo to find out… Follow me on instagram and twitter @howardrjohnson

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jibu hari
From the information i think Eyegpt getting more without their sweat......Nothing else, Over Talkative peoples
Egyptians....If get any chance screw arabes.. without any skill...All are Engineers and doctors ...How the fuck they become Doctors And Engineers ? Gulf countries peoples more or less
Believes they.. By their own language arab . Nothing Else..Crooked Fox...They are Totally Unskilled peoples...What I meant...Blaaaaa Blaaaaaa Blaaaaaa .....................Egyptians
I'm convinced that Egypt is getting better... for those who are better off. Nothing in this video suggests optimism for Egypt's desperately poor who number in the tens of millions. The impoverished children, the failing state of Egypt's facilities (health, education, etc...). And this video even mentions subsidies as a good thing... it may be for the budget of the state, but who gets the short end of the stick? The poor of course. 

And as for the statement that "increased security may be paying off".. well I can give another earful about that.
Ahmad Alghoneemy
That's a really beautiful video and thanks for it but you forget one of the huge projects which will happen in the near future in Egypt and its the new advanced Egyptian city by getting help from Dubai and gulf thanks for your video best regards
So is it safe to travel egypt?
medo albrns
fuck usa
Minhajali Kazi
egyptian christian should help palestianian
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Was The Arab Spring Bad For Egypt? Outlook for Egypt's economy - BBC report 2 days ago   02:56

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