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Steps installing SSD hard drive in laptop. Faster, less heat, less energy use, no moving parts, lighter weight. Samsung 850 PRO SSD 1TB. Sony VAIO fit 15, SVF15A16CG, Windows 10 Home. Battery part VGP-BPS34.

Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB
Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB
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Scott Lisenbury
Is that a Gucci hard drive?
Sachin Sonu
I am having a sve15115en model, I have upgraded from 4gb ram to 8 Gb ram but it didn't do anything at all, so this time I was thinking to upgrade by adding SSD but I don't know which caddy will work and where to buy it, can u help regarding this?
nadia borges
Hey there would you recommend the Samsung over the Crucial MX500?
paul burns
mate when next trip overseas just watching old vlog from Palawan realized how much I enjoyed your vlogs
alright I need serious help. I connected my new SSD to my laptop with a SATA cable to format it correctly (to a GPT) and change the BOIS settings. I downloaded Windows 10 onto a USB drive and when I go to install it onto my new SSD once I install it on my laptop (SSD put into laptop) the program keeps saying, "SSD needs to be a GPT (or something along the lines of that) so I don't know how the hell it's not formatted correctly at this point but it's just pissing me off that no matter how many programs I use or formatting I can't install a new SSD with windows 10.
Pinoy Daddy
I am here man, ready to stalk your channel, hehe 👻
Jeroen Deschryver
Hey, while watching this video I was thinking you should do a video on your vaping device.
Hey, good job.
It's cool to show read/write number speed differences, but the real thing that makes non-techies oohh and aahh is simply demonstrating the differences in boot times between mechanical and solid state drives.
Maybe in your next upgrade video? :)
michael j
Interesting and informative vlog
Jason in Missouri
Sup B! I also have a vaio. I like it but they stopped selling them in the states.
Kriss Bartlett
your a bit shaky there hahaha looked a bit dirty still under there should have pulled the fan out and also re put new compound on the CPU and Video card chips while you had it apart they get very dry under there well i did it with mine and was all cracked and nearly usless was a lot cooler after i did that
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Sony Vaio Laptop VPC-E How To Install SSD in Laptop, Sony VAIO 2 days ago   16:50

In this video i show how to disassemble a Sony Vaio laptop.

A friend asked me to take a look at this laptop because it suffered from poor performance, getting very warm and eventually bluescreening Windows.

These symptoms are many time because of heat related issues.
Slow performance is many times caused by a CPU with insufficient cooling.
When a CPU heats up, and there is not enough cooling, the cpu will start working on a lower frequency to reduce the temperature. If the cooling is so bad, the pc will thermal shutdown to prevent furher damage.
In some cases there will be a windows bluescreen before the unit actually goes into thermal shutdown.

Whenever you have these symptoms, it never hurts to check the cooling of the unit.
Many time the fan grill is covered with dust and blocking the airflow.

So what i did in this case is clean the inside of the heatsink assembly and that fixed the issue.

you will be surprised how many dust and grime can be collected inside overtime.

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