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Found Boyfriends Project Zorgo | My Best Friend Lied To Me So I Kicked - At Ai-Tube.com

Found Boyfriends Project Zorgo My Best Friend Lied To Me So I Kicked 3 months ago   08:51

Kawaii Kunicorn
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After having spied on my boyfriend meeting with what looked like a PZ member, I did some further detective work and uncovered some more mysterious clues. I found a note that looked like a Project Zorgo code riddle and then I found more evidence, an Apple Watch gadget that my boyfriend had hidden in a secret compartment book.

Am I still being targeted by the YouTube hacker groups #ProjectZorgo and #GameMaster? My name is no longer on the main target list, however I am still on the other target lists along with Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, Stephen, Carter and Lizzy Sharer, Rebecca Zamolo and other YouTubers. Is there enough evidence to suggest that my boyfriend is a PZ member? This is all becoming way too mysterious! I need to get my Detective hat on and find more clues to be sure! Will you help me solve these riddles and codes to uncover this mystery?

▶ Keep Up To Date With The Hacker News Marathon https://ai-tube.com/videoai/DuufTyaMzG0

Other channels who have been targeted too:

▶︎ https://ai-tube.com/videoai/w4hPaHwUy3N

▶︎ https://ai-tube.com/videoai/_s7dcsApR-0

Chad Wild Clay - FOUND PROJECT ZORGO APPLE WATCH & EVIDENCE of MISSING DANIEL (Exploring Abandoned Clues & Riddles)
▶︎ https://ai-tube.com/videoai/tQSzBmmHit0

Daniel Lie Detector Guy - FOUND PROJECT ZORGO MYSTERIOUS MASK (Trapped In Abandoned Escape Room with Riddles in real life)
▶︎ https://ai-tube.com/videoai/ribJ4KQWcYZ

Rebecca Zamolo - Escaping the Game Master SECRET ABANDONED ARCADE! (New Evidence and Mystery Clues Found)
▶︎ https://ai-tube.com/videoai/IcdU7DAAI3H&g=535f

Matt and Rebecca - Tracking Rebecca Zamolo Using an Abandoned Car Left By the Game Master! (exploring hidden clues)
▶︎ https://ai-tube.com/videoai/1wOpHWoFCjD

Papa Jake - REAL LIFE PRISON ESCAPE CHALLENGE!! Escaping The Hacker (24 Hour Challenge)
▶︎ https://ai-tube.com/videoai/zSUmIvayXBD

DO NOT PRESS ⚠️ https://goo.gl/xIUc1a
Unless you want to become a KUNICORN🦄

This is a family-friendly kids channel 😃 PG recommended for younger viewers.

Comments 2977 Comments

Elizabeth Morales
Aamir Qa
I saw a pinch a of the project zogo
Shanon Betgeorge
Is the hacker was real you would call the cops
Shanon Betgeorge
I think of the YouTube or's that are going to win because I am a YouTube or but project Storico hasn't been bothering me but if he does I'll kick his butt
kim simon
the apple watch is so he can talk to the hacker Daniel on chad and vy channel he talk to pz 4 on a apple hach
Tracyann Almonte
Tracyann Almonte
Evie Bowman
I love your videos you are the best
benjamin paul
He is part ov,pz
benjamin paul
He is prt uv pz😸
Naser Alasadi
Marta Banasik
On 5:18 there was a pice of paper that has a hacker mask on it
William Baker
I saw a paper on a gate when she was walking and it had the hacker on it!
Charity Thomas
Add another note in the boxes with project zorgo language
Charity Thomas
I saw a hacker mask and a note
Sally Wong
Cook Eye
I saw a note in timo's box and it was projects or zorgo secret lae
Cook Eye
princess Z
Telomeres this if you saw that thing at 5:19
Emily Matthews
I think it is a spy gadget and I love u
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My Best Friend Lied To Me So I Kicked Found Boyfriends Project Zorgo 3 months ago   14:08

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