HAZBIN HOTEL -"Morning Report" ВЭГГИ ОБЗОР ПЕРСОНАЖА HAZBIN 2 weeks ago   01:01

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Meet Katie and Tom; 666 News’ top anchors. Despite being the “go-to” station for all of Hell’s going-ons, they still can't seem to find an engineer who can use a green screen correctly. Or at least one who actually wants to make them look good.

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Dawn M.
Best clip I’ve seen so far 😂 can’t wait to see more!!! Aghhhhhh
The Creeper
Wow, when did the Pyro learn to talk?
I wanna know how the Orangutan story ends
Kesean Butler
That’s lol and funny
joker death of the family
😆😆😆i love it!
Cocoa Doodles
We never got to read the rest of the zoo story, I was actually interested :c
orion fire
We can all hear the doom slayers shotgun in the background right now.
Cynical 2DD
I just want Stamper. Give me Stamper already.
Bryan Churion
the news jokes are AWESOME FUNNIEST AND I LOVE IT!
Velvet Fox
At 0:36, Tom says *"Not again"*
Ffonnie Fan
I wanna know what happened to him at the zoo. Did he hit the monkey-? Is Martha gonna find out he cheated -?
Sonic The hedgehog
Jeft the killer
the rake??
In hazbin hotel?
Derrick helms
The pyro from team fortress 2 needs to stop reporting and start burning people again.
MyachiHyei VEVO
Wow, I loved that text report. Nice side story to the actual news.
Christian Bauer
I feel bad for the woman married to the news ticker guy
Cheezits ;0
Suck it up ya little bitch 😎
Thicc Scout
Why is Pyro from Team Fortress 2 there
Mark Watson
This cannot release fast enough GOD ITS SO FUNNY!
What. The fuck. Was that bottom text.
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ВЭГГИ ОБЗОР ПЕРСОНАЖА HAZBIN HAZBIN HOTEL -"Morning Report" 2 weeks ago   05:10

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