Does Kirchhoff's Law Hold? Disagreeing Professor Beats Student 6 days ago   13:21

This might be more of a lesson on proper probing than anything! There would be much less confusion if you have reliable results.

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Dr. Walter Lewin’s videos on Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law:

By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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Akash singh
A engineer vs A physicist. Who's right?🤔🤔🤔
Urashiki Otsutsuki
KVL doesn't hold under changing magnetic field you 🅱️ird
Rodel Quilantang
No wonder your good of what you are saying you have master degree..I'm much interested of your video.👊👊👊
Satadru Mukherjee
Congratulation SIR :-)
Taylor Turner
He’s worried about someone with a masters having interest in finding the root cause of an issue. An ego clouds problem solving and an ego comes with the title Dr. No offense if you’re pursuing your PhD.
inayat husssain
if the volt meters on two sides read same voltage, then it would mean current in both parts ( left and right) flows from top to bottom with different magnitudes as per ohms law. which cannot be true. it is really confusing whether to. agree with dr lewin or you. 😫😫
Niall Tracey
I'm trying to work out whether this paper supports Lewin or not - - but they say in a footnote on page 2 that "many of the statements in these videos [Lewin's YouTube supplements] are more in the nature of misdirection than explanation".

Either way, I'm hoping that the description of Lewin's argument in it will help you understand him better.
Satyadeep Bhattacharya
8:32 minute. - this orientation deviates from the fact that the induction comes out across the resistance. I suggest to you to take a single loop, place an electromagnet and find the position of polarity of the induced emf- you can never find it; this is the reason you can not assume this emf like other battery in the circuit which has definitely polarity position. I also suggest you to learn the conservative and non conservative fields.
Your probing suggestion is slightly wrong, it will only work if the 2 points are opposed radially and the magnetic field is centered. The correct way to prob would be to remain radial to the center of the magnetic field, join the probe lines at the center of the magnetic field and keeping them twisted from that point. Wouldn't hurt to have the twisted probe wires radial to the center of the magnetic field also.
What if you don't probe in the same plane but in a perpendicular plane?
Michael T
Of all the virtues we must value, it is the act of listening to criticisms and understanding different perspectives. Not only may they disprove some or most aspects of your theories and claims, they may strengthen them by discovering new aspects and logical conclusions.

The Greatest Master is also the Greatest Student. Let your ideas swim and muster against new challenges. Only then will they become truely powerful.
Nicolai Weis
Im sorry, after watching his response and rewatching the video, i kind of agree with him. As soon as we deal with em-fields i would always go to use maxwells equations and only use kvl or kcl in DC systems with no em-fields. Atleast that is what my education has taught me. If faraday always holds with no argument, why then argue for kirchoff? Only for its simplicity?
Im a B.Sc in EE btw
raunaque patra
perpetual motion by arranging permanent magnets in special geometric forms
must watch part2 to really get the feel.

why is youtube field with lies and it comes to my recommendations lists? hope electroBoom bust the myths
fatalaxis 93
One side was a positive and the other side was negative or the dr is a false on one thing. I hate saying it but bro you are right
Nice video! But at 2:50, didn't you use Kirchhoff's voltage law to get the voltage across the resistors? Hence it's not a verification (showing A->B, you can't suppose B is true and verify there's no contradiction)
Henry L.
I think there is an ambiguity on the definition written on wikipedia page that EB read from.
"The directed sum of the electrical potential differences (voltage) around any closed network is zero" has rather vague definition on "closed network".
The definition that EB used for network is different from that Dr. Lewin used.
Obviously, to complete KVL we need to introduce another inductor and define the network with the adjustment which is what EB did in the video, while with this adjustment, the "network" used by both of them will be different.
Besides, the word "bad" probing, I would say, is too strong for conclusion.
Since what we can really learn from this is the existence of the phenomenon rather to define an unique way to do the probing.
After all, I think it is the ambiguity of the definition of network causing the disagreements and more interestingly both of the statements in my opinion are correct which makes me think more on the topic.
Thanks for bringing this up!!
Well done. You should believe science, not scientists
Just Ride
I will watch this in front of my family, so they will think I'm smart
Diego Granados
The man is quite arrogant!
John Faulkner
There’s a reason why Dr. Lewin bases his whole conclusion on his “measurement” without even considering that his method is faulty. He doesn’t even “measure” with any precision. He says, “about 9 times bigger.” 🤔
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Professor Beats Student Does Kirchhoff's Law Hold? Disagreeing 6 days ago   02:43

Professor Walter Lewin of MIT beats student in science demonstration.