Does Kirchhoff's Law Hold? Disagreeing Professor Beats Student 5 months ago   13:21

This might be more of a lesson on proper probing than anything! There would be much less confusion if you have reliable results.

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Dr. Walter Lewin’s videos on Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law:

By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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Hello team RECTIFIER! Make sure to watch the next video on the topic:
Hassan Ramos
Hello! So interesting! To make it clearer you can draw the circuit in the schematic as it is, a linking of coils (Circuits Theory I) or easier, as a transformer, if you have resistances in oposite sides of the the ring, then its a double secondary with with the start and end joined with resistences making the "ring"
Regards and you are the right one!
MisFit ToyMaker
Well done!
Brian Brown
Sometimes I lose track of what he’s talking about because he narrates so which point I just wait for him to shock himself somehow....
Sahil Chawla
Prof. Sam Ben Yaakov has made a beautiful video on this topic. I would recommend all to have a look at it.
SK Jakariya
Well, I am no one, but physics being my favourite subject, how on earth an MIT professor says, a law of conservation of energy is wrong!
Rohit D H
Lewins sir is available in edx I think...

I understood a bit of concept what you told...

I too interested in these electronics/electrical...

But now I m a first year ec student.
Prepper TECH be ready
What do you think of this
Aman Saxena
One can have long straight wires perpendicular to the table (i.e. parallel to the magnetic field) for probing
rian ritzen
He's Dutch so he's right, iam Dutch also and iam always right
Damn. I have so many ideas. And questions... Mostly questions... But ideas too.
Shiva Mulwani
Did you get a reply from the physics prof yet?
Common Goo
Induction IS hapening so Inducatnce IS relevant. Surely it's just a simple voltage distribution happening - and yes I was yelling before the test, its all about the path the test wires take, as you say. Transformer is a perfectly good analogy

One reason it's possible to think that KVL makes no sense, is that it's hard to imagine the 'terminal' case of a 'floating' closed loop or an open loop, If you make some kind of reference point halfway though the loop though it still seems to work out . In the closed loop case 0+0+0...=0 so I dont see problem there

(DISCLAIMER - I dont even have a masters, just some College and years of circuit scribbling..)

I find the fancy vector math kinda hard to visualise, but I dont think we need anything TOO fancy to see whats happening - and I don't think Kirchoff is violated here)
Team _RAGE
You are the best no matter what
Richard Cunningham
Remember to keep it in radio form as much as possible dude, electricity is the killer and like you said make a lot thicker sensor coil out of 1/5 ratio if you want amps much more copper
Richard Cunningham
Yes indeed buddy, video 7 Donald l Smith energy crafting index
Brown Town
im sorry its not sinking in ):
Sorry Mehdi. Its just about definition. KVL is defined only when there are no changing magnetic fields. With changing fields in a loop, one defines Faraday's law. So KVL is just a corollary of FL. If you consider KVL by introducing changing fields, its not KVL anymore by definition. You ended up confusing everyone around, by playing around with definitions.
chilly boy
10:00 what about magnetic field cancelling the voltage in the 2 wires.
P C M gourav choudhary
You cant be wrong as the person eho learns from practical knowledge is better then thise who cramp from books
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Professor Beats Student Does Kirchhoff's Law Hold? Disagreeing 5 months ago   02:43

Professor Walter Lewin of MIT beats student in science demonstration.