Building The Ultimate Mac Pro MrBeast's $1,000,000 Dilemma 2 months ago   08:39

Austin Evans
Matt's 2010 Apple Mac Pro is about to get the biggest upgrade it's ever seen.
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Austin Evans
Every time someone subscribes to This Is Matt gets closer to becoming a real boy.
Chris Kopp
please do an ultimate mid 2011 27 in imac build? i got one for free and i want to see what upgrades are worth it and arent
so fat
02:39 Dolers
Tom F-s
Maybe a silly question but how do u get the latest software on it ?
Pp Lime
Already a few "Mac guy" upgrade this unit....
Jochem Casier
I keep telling my friends: buying a Mac is so worth it, as long as you get one second hand.
Dawid Ochryniak
that is an impressive design. a pro pc should look exactly like that
Hudson music
False it can support GTX 960 and probably more I have one in my Mac pro
James William
aaaaannnnnnd ...... ...... .... ... SUBSCRIBED.
Get Fucked
is this your "coming out" video ?
Lucas Heringer
Question for Austin and Matt: Did you guys manage to enable VT-x on this Mac Pro? I have basically the same with an updated firmware for Mac Pro 5,1 and still get Virtualbox, Docker or any virtualisation software complaining about missing VT-x even the CPU has the support.
Lusitano do Mediterrâneo
hi Austin, love your tech tips and i have managed to upgrade my laptop ssd and ram with your channel.
I took a old laptop and used cloudready and converted to a kind of chromebook and it is much faster than with windows 10. Great to surf the net and other small tasks. I wanted to install virtualbox with android but have no clue how to do this and cannot find a step to step guide how to install this. I am not a computer wiz. Can this be done, could you advise or you could do a step by step guide how to do this...
thanks for your time, keep up the great work... i follow you from Portugal.
Frederique kruger
Six Cores is still impressive superseding most modern systems which use dual or quad core.
Julian Nunez
Where did you get those pendant lights
I use the same machine at work, as one of our video editors swapped it for the 'Modern' style mac pro. It works great, I've upgraded it over the years and it now has 2x3.33ghz Xeons which I picked up for cheap, 32gb of ecc memory and an RX580 gpu. I also added a Sata3 card for my SSD to run off and a USB3 one. With the latest version of the firmware you can even boot from NVME drives with an add-inn card, but I don't really need storage that fast.

It's great for spinning up various vm's and I'm happy that it's still getting MacOS upgrades.

Funnily enough we got some of the top of the line MacBook Pro's in with the new Vega GPU's and my old MacPro beat it pretty handily CPU bench wise. The gpu side obviously was worse, but I have a feeling that the MacPro would be better for a sustained CPU/GPU load due to not thermal throttling/power throttling like the MacBook would.

I'm sure it would beat it if I shoved my spare Vega 64 into it but I'm not sure if the PSU would cope with it haha.
the last like 15 seconds that sounds like something Dr. Gero from DBZ would say
I got my mid-2012 chassis with a 6 core 3.33GHz tray for $50 at a thrift store.

Of course, I still had to invest in RAM, a Metal compliant GPU for Mojave, hard drive brackets, and drives.
Famous Audio
why didn't you upgrade to sata 3.0 by installing a pci sata and hooking up the ssd to that?
Matthew M
Matt cracks me up
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