Theresa May faces MPs in Prime Minister Brexit debate: What young 2 months ago   51:42

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The Prime Minister takes part in PMQs in the House of Commons.

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no hassle
The Tory party of Austerity, lies, benefits for the rich, insecure jobs, zero hour contracts, Universal Credit, arming terrorist countries, raising pension age, ignoring the homeless epidemic, food banks, scapegoating foreigners, culling the poor and disabled, workfare scheme, food-banks, cutting vital funding public services, privatising public services, closing libraries, ballooning the deficit, class warfare, starting Brexit, botching Brexit. Anything I have missed?
Robert Farnell
Mrs May is going to needs Mental heath right now
siddle jack
They have proved to be a bunch of bad politicians, and they act like babies. UK is desperate for a new way of running the country, these mid stream politicians have failed the nation, there bad behaviour over brexit is s disgrace.
Lee Robinson
Eon want to put my bill up by £223?
Phil Platt
They don't want no deal because no deal means leaving without any EU chains attached, how can we expect any of this treacherous bunch to want to leave the EU when they all pig in the EU money trough
Mulga Man
May and her dumb ass ideas will kill more homeless in the streets of the UK Let us have a count from now.
Mulga Man
Trump was right with the EU and UK its the dumbest agreement for world trade.
Mulga Man
May stick your deal up your ass, NO DEAL BRING IT ON.
Mulga Man
Bring anarchy in the streets outside of the house of commons and then maybe these fools will listen.
Mulga Man
Threats will continue when May and her lap dogs continue to avoid the initial vote to leave the EU we voted to leave with no bloody deals WAKE UP FOOLS.
She just has the same dialogue for all the questions, since the beginning of time
Alan Mayes
Every time the camera moves to the subject speaker at least 4 people in the vicinity are texting on their mobile phones. Absolutely staggering considering where they are and what they are supposed to be partaking in. Little wonder these treacherous rats are oblivious to the damage they are doing to this country, concentrating on and continuing to feather their own nests.
if a normal person done a job as bad as theresa may in any other walk of life she would have had the nine ten jack months ago
hammer well
TRUMP shut half his government down because they wasn't listening to the people about closing their boarders . We got Treason May who does nothing but deflect the blame and run down the clock in the hope of holding us all to ransom come the end of it ...... Imo a government shutdown would probably have more of an impact on Brexit than these useless piece of $hit€ and their non negotiations.

We voted out , we didn't vote for a deal that would tie us even further to the failing EU project , We have never in my lifetime anyway , had a 2nd chance to vote again because the establishment never agreed with the decision. Why and how are we in this mess now ?

I say give everyone in Europe a chance to vote for their country to have a Brexit , and maybe then they will see that the EU only benefits the very small select few ( most mainly being the unelected breuocrats who are currently running the show anyway ).
sam wright
cobin is not a leader has no integrity, reads from a script
chris hardman
Politicians have a job to carry out the reason they were put there there promise to the manifesto they said they would do .when people get upset because they have lied and keep lying and when they get intimidated tuff
Boxing Elite
The Prime Minister needs to start focusing on saving the united kingdom instead of trying to save face. We have a broken parliament acting like a bunch of adolescent teenagers. Frankly it begs belief that these people are allowed to rule our country. People are dying every single day and these people are more interested in scoring points against each other. And finally how can we trust a Prime Minister who refuses to answer questions.
ryan longley
Why is nothing being done about what we voted for, how can these people get away with going against what the result was. They still not listening to what the result of the vote was
bright stars
Your all a load of rubbish.
Bobby 66
So we can see from the exchanges here today the the plan is "NOT TO LEAVE THE EUROPEAN UNION" . .......
..........It's obvious that the deal that the Government is putting forward will be voted down, and for us to "LEAVE" with "NO DEAL" will not happen .........WE WILL NOT BE LEAVING THE EUROPEAN UNION!
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Brexit debate: What young Theresa May faces MPs in Prime Minister 2 months ago   22:02

These people were just too young to vote in the referendum – so how do they think Brexit is going? #BrexitInbetweeners #78DaysToBrexit



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