Picking up MY LITTLE SISTER from Remote Controlled ALLIGATOR ATTACK 1 day ago   15:47

The DDG Family

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The DDG Family
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your a bot cxnt
niceeeee 10 ads on a 15min video
evelyn jenkins
Follow us on IG @BTFClothiers you should let's us dress you on your Tour your Dope man 💪
nyrone paul
Show off
Z Wrld
13:31 sad 😭
Train To GO
I love DDG and you can tell his lil sister means alot to him 😍😍
Deshun Briggs
Stop trying to be like cj cj Had all Type Of cars catch up little kid wolf pack and cool kids
nicholi myrna
How you going to tell her to eat when mystery girl has to make you eat lol 🙅🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
nicholi myrna
DDG parked in no parking 👋🏽🤦🏽‍♀️
Gavin's Friend
this is unfair because when i filmed outside a school i got arrested
“What’s you channel name?” DDG:”Mysticgotjokes” LMAO I FUCKIN LOVE YOU MOE❤️
Alicia Cano
Nigga said mystic got jokes
Dylan Walk
Pick her up in a trash rusty car next time😂
Willie Vlogs
What happened to the g wagon
Matty B
pick me up please
Janet Flowers
Best video ever !!!!!
Najeah love
Umm. The lady was jealous asf
vanity ll
Momo just kissed you like to undo :)
Juliet Gutierrez
I’m dead asf lmaooo 💀😂 new subscriber
I love your YouTube 😊😊
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Remote Controlled ALLIGATOR ATTACK Picking up MY LITTLE SISTER from 1 day ago   13:11

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