Former Senator Alan Simpson CNN: Alan Simpson lashes 5 months ago   11:45

Former Senator Alan Simpson tribute at State Funeral for President George H.W. Bush. Full video here:

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Joyce Benton
The former President 41 loved families. So families love him too. The former President Bush 41 loved friends and cherished friendships. So do others love him and cherish him too. Great President will always be remembered and cherished. God bless America always and God bless President Bush’s families all healthy always. Let’s be united together again by our generosity forgiveness and kindness nature to each other’s service and mistakes this time and unite together and govern by our country America’s own established principles of the Laws afterworlds together for America’s greatness quickly. So we’ll be able to reunite together again for America’s greatness of the safety, prosperity and unity as well as enjoying freedoms, entrepreneurship spirit and equality of opportunities principles altogether. The former President Reagan and President Bush will always live in our hearts.
Sam Michaels
Simpson died 11 years ago. The old dead fucker.
JEK Channel
From Indonesian, i AM
Tom Mooney
You are so right!!!!!!!!
Calvin Chu
9:13 at that moment Trump looks candidly happy, such a rare sight to see all these politicians laughing candidly
Bruce Heysse
Simply one of the most touching eulogies of all time...……….made me think, made me remember, made me shed a tear. RIP President GHW Bush.
Beautifully Broken
He’s dead. Let him be at peace. Commenting on a persons life whose passed is classless. At least say your sorry they passed. If you can’t say anything nice. NOW WOULD BE THE TIME TO NOT TALK. this world is getting so ugly and cold. SMDH
Joe Domorad
Truly moving in many ways..
Kevin James
This guy is good. He should do voice acting
Jennifer Wilson
Beautiful eulogy. "Hatred corrodes the vessel it's in."
Take of the politics out of it. George H.W. Bush was an accomplished man. I love the Greatest Generation- they did so much and were so humble, unlike todays "me" generation who do nothing but are so self absorbed and take selfies constantly. George H.W. Bush VOLUNTEERED to enter combat, went to Ivy league school, was shot down in war and lived, became an elected official, head of CIA, and then elected President. Quite the resume of a life lived !. RIP Mr. President.
CJ Gust
I so love the American people and yet so much distain for the current Republican politicians along with many Democrats that have floated to the surface with money in politics coming from sociopathic wealthy.
Annette Fawcett-Jones
Beautiful service and Eulogy and a wonderful friend. X Beautiful service.x😔😑
Hey random person scrolling down the comments..

Have an excellent day :)
a z
Old ass
What a touching speech. You can tell that man just lost a friend.
G Wop
That old devil speaking that klan talk 😂😂😂
Very nice tribute to a great man.
Western Unity
Zionist war criminal. #HighwayOfDeath
Not all dinosaurs went extinct apparently.
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CNN: Alan Simpson lashes Former Senator Alan Simpson 5 months ago   05:45

Fiscal commission co-chair Alan Simpson says if Congress can't compromise on the debt-ceiling, members should go home.