Make the MacBook THICC Again Drill through anything (conductive) 2 days ago   05:02

Dave Lee
MacBook Pro reviews show problems from being too thin. The 16" MacBook Pro will hopefully fix some of this stuff.
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Dave Lee
I hope Apple puts out a THICCBook Pro this year. The race for ultra-thin needs to end
If stupid apple make MacBook pro 15 become thicker, why not buy Dell XPS 15
Savio Augustine
I really don't understand why people mad behind thin laptops so much especially when its giving u all these problems and that also expensive apple laptops. Trust me thicker chassis may compromise weight and movement but come on guys its not too heavy stuff man, they have much better thermal management and a lot of headroom is there to upgrade stuffs and are also very durable. Go for longevity, upgradability and durabilty. And by the way thicker laptops look way cooler than thin ones at least for me.
I also want a thicc macbook pro but i want it to have an nvidia gpu and more design apps on mac os
It's gonna be a long wait I hope the planet still exists
Buuuuut they won't
Minje Kim
Thick or thin, it doesn't matter. cuz people who have the money will still buy it
The only reason to make them thinker is better battery life, it’s the biggest victim of thin phones and laptops. All other issue will be solved with advances in technology, but those advances often are also a bigger drain on the battery.
mercedes robinson
i think they should make it thin cause we are the ones that got to carry it around n it be making our backs hurt lol
Brian K
If they go to Arm processors then cooling won’t be a problem. Hopefully they can design a new motherboard with a smaller form factor and give more space for a better keyboard design. Allows them to keep that super thin look. They probably shouldn’t have gone so thin when they had to make so many compromises with the current configuration. My 13” 2014 MacBook Pro will be my last MacBook until they come up with a new design without all the compromises.
Ric Alonso
Lets not forget the ultra thin iMac. This is evidence of design run amok. A desktop does not have to be super thin. It serves no purpose other than Ive’s need to prove he is needed. My 2017 i9 5k iMac’s fans are on 30% of the time. iMac owner since January 1985 who uses them for work, not art pieces.
Daniel Jungkind
Make it smaller from a footprint perspective, not a thickness perspective. And use better cooling techniques! Vapor cooling? Different material?
MrBo Jangles
Make Apple Thick Again! But seriously...The Pro should be thicker, the the Air super-thin and the MacBook somewhere in-between.
Robert Thompson
You are spot on with identifying the issues with the recent Macbooks. I saw these issues developing and opted for a 2015 MBP in 2018. Thin enough, with all the relevant ports, full travel keyboard, no dongles, etc.
Johnny FD
I agree, it's stupid that Apple needs to focus on functionality and reliability again instead of making things thinner and thinner as no one cares. Make the Macbook Pro thicker again, get rid of the silly touch bar that no one uses or wants, and make the Macbook Air the thin laptop.
This is not the ultra-thin race, if it was the case, you won't choose aluminium body. This is a stupid marketing race. When you can't innovate, you give the customer the illusion you are perfecting the product while Apple has the art of making products worse.
hope they make it thick for us music producers who needs some more apple juice!
Zachary Sandberg
You forgot to mention a reduction in port options as another side effect of chasing thin aesthetics.
Saahil Mehta
Exactly macbooks are supposed to a an efficient tool not a fashion statement.
Charles Bouldin
I have an "early 2015" 13" MBP. It has the magsafe power connector, and 2 USB ports, and HDMI port, an SD card port, a HEADPHONE JACK(!), and it still runs perfectly. I would not trade it for a newer model. Oh, and the old style keyboard (non "butterfly") works beautifully. Apple has been moving backwards.
Paolo Mind
If I want a lighter and elegant mac I'll buy mac book air, or macbook without pro... If I need efficient power, I'll prefer Dell laptop, at the moment ... but I'm waiting for a future good macbook pro, because OSX is the most stable operative system I ever used. I hope your suggestions will be listen to...
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Drill through anything (conductive) Make the MacBook THICC Again 2 days ago   24:20

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