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Dave Lee
MacBook Pro reviews show problems from being too thin. The 16" MacBook Pro will hopefully fix some of this stuff.
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Dave Lee
I hope Apple puts out a THICCBook Pro this year. The race for ultra-thin needs to end
I'm back on a Lenovo.
Adrián Hernández
*_T H I C C_*
Estelle Bright
The very apparent example of embracing aesthetic over ANYTHING ELSE, including the true functionality of the device. It is as if they are trying to recreate the glory of MacBook Air but fails on that horribly.

I already want to upgrade my MacBook Air 2014 model but I can’t because Apple does not have a MacBook that is even remotely reliable to use for at least 5 years without major problems. My current one? 4 years, one SSD problem. Nothing else happens. This is what a MacBook should look like.
Completely agree with you, Dave! I have a 'once upon a time' high end 2015 MacBook Pro, and the experience from using it (compared to my work 2018 Macbook) is just so much better and it really just comes down to the typing experience. The 2015 laptop feels much more natural, while the 2018 one feels like my fingers are pounding down on a flat surface.

Apple's still in the game of making up consumer problems that really don't make sense but actually...only makes more problems.
DeRun Ren
huawei matebook is the best overall notebook on the market.
Bobby Axelrod
I think Apple should make their notebooks even thinner. Their idiot legion will still buy them and at least they'd improve upon the one thing they are best in class for, burning people's laps.
It's funny how the MacBook in the thumbnail is so thick but still doesn't have ports......
A. Mangum
Holding onto my 13" 2013 MBP 16GB/1TB for as long as possible. Nice keyboard, ample battery life, decent cooling under stress. As one of the heavy hitters in the laptop world, Apple needs to set the pace for the industry and stop trying to play the "thin" game by making computers for Starbucks posers and go back to making laptops for professionals.
If you want something thicc, just get a thinkpad. Problem solved
Silver Surfer
MacBook T H I C C
MacBook F U C C
But most importantly
MacBooks S U C C

Jk I love my Mac 🖥
Tanay Pandey
Asians and love for thicc things XD.
Niki Naksu
For the price Apple is asking, they should fix the issues at the current thickness or thinner.
Eventually it'll just be two iPads stuck together instead of a keyboard and track pad. The iPad Nunchuck or something.
Seriously though, I've loved Macs all my life and used them consistently, but overheating is constantly a problem for me. I got the MacBook Pro generation just after they stopped making the 17-inch size and had to settle for a 15-inch one instead – I actually LIKE it when my tech or gear is heavy and large. It's just sad to see them so far from what they used to be.
They should have more options. The current Pros should be mid range / standard laptops and have thicker performance oriented laptops.
nod factor
Don't care how thin it is... Better thermals mean more to me as a consumer.
Alex Gray
For marketing reasons, I believe, Apple will not make a thicker laptops. However, they should stop making them thinner, keep this formfactor and permanently fix all the problems induced by it. Miniaturization of components will continue and heat generation will continue to be reduced. Apple may find that this formfactor will give them adequate space for new technologies yet to be incorporated. This is just the difference between good looking thin and ... anorexia which is lethal.
Simon Chuo
Just bring back the old macbook pro chassis. I've had no problems with my early 2015 macbook pro and I would buy it again in a heartbeat....if they still sold that style instead an of getting an xps 13.
Jacopo Piscina
i love my underpowered 12" macbook and love how the keyboard feels but after 1 year half of the keys are mushy
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Galaxy S10E - Cheaper AND Better Make the MacBook THICC Again 2 days ago   05:51

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