Could SpaceX's BFR replace traditional Are Electric Planes Possible? 2 days ago   09:30

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With SpaceX announcing the BFR's first official mission to the moon, the possibility of Earth to Earth travel seems a little bit closer. In this video, we look at what needs to be done before Earth to Earth rocket travel can replace the traditional airliners that we use today. We also compare the dawn of passenger rocket travel to the early days of airplanes.

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Let me gues that new airline will strogue to reach the safety stamdar
And the 737 is still grounded
Quill Maurer
I'm amazed that economically it's not as implausible as I thought - at competitive ticket prices it looses money, but only just. I'd have thought it would cost 100x as much. And this is all assuming a two-stage rocket, which I'd think is unnecessary - the two-stage design is for flight to Mars, which requires vastly more delta-V than a suborbital spaceflight of this sort, I think just the upper stage on it's own would probably be fully capable of that. This would mean less fuel, less complexity and amount of vehicle, and be much simpler operationally as there wouldn't be a need to recover and refurbish the lower stage then lift the upper stage back onto the lower stage with a crane as shown. It could just land on the pad, refuel while passengers (or freight) unload and load, and be ready to go again. As for the safety consideration, I'd question those data points as it's number of fatalities per number of people who have flown in space, not considering that many of those have numerous times, while the airplane probably looks at number of passenger-flights regardless of how many of those people (the vast majority of them surely) had flown before. Similarly, if done on a large scale rocket flight would become much safer, the reason planes are so safe is because we've pretty much found most of the ways that planes can crash and fixed them, while rockets we're still learning such. Overall this video actually makes it sound a lot more plausible than I would have thought. Also, for landing places - there are also inland deserts on most continents that could be used as a landing and launch site, connected to somewhat distant population centers (and conventional airports) via high-speed trains.
no its all fake... planes fly through the air ....nothing can fly out of the air!!
steven stamford
Beam me up scotty!!!welcome to dildo airways! prepare for the landing strip,Gonna be a wet slider on entry pmsl 😆 sorry about the grammar!!!..
Edward Kyle
Bull crap !! This is all propaganda crap to help push government narratives. This won’t ever happen because it’s all fake! Just like the moon landings and space station. It’s all a giant money grubbing scam!
I think it is possible and it will be in close future
Parker Shaw
They just need to make it safe, I am willing to pay WAY more than $550 for the flight.
Hugh Osborn
It would be great if Starship travel worked. But it's a long road to get there...
Stella Vision
Cool idea! Wondering about the environmental impact though. Will this be better/worse than current aviation methods?
INTERESTING OVERSIGHT : you omitted the cost to the environment of such flights. Was that deliberate? With 1000s of flights per week, CO2 gas emissions and other poisonous substances from the worlds most powerful rocket engines would further pollute Earth's atmosphere. RICH elitists might boast about taking New York to Paris flights in under an hour, but at what cost to the Earth's biosphere? And what about the energy costs of retrieving rockets boosters? With reusable sections only getting 10 reuses, add that cost into the pollution/energy/ use equation too. Then passengers have to climb into boats for trips back and forth to the Space X Launcher /Landing platforms. That's another CO2 + pollution cost to the environment. It looks like routine air travel aboard SpaceX Rockets has a long way to go before the Safety and Cost efficiencies you discuss are fully realized. Moreover, the environmental costs may be THE MOST PROHIBITIVE FACTOR, considering how the GREEN LOBBY has become such a powerful influence over policymakers in Government.
วิวัฒน์ ภิญโญสโมสร
Cost & Safety are main factors to limit the new travel by this way NOT time.
I was just saying to my wife, there has to be a better, faster way to move about the Earth.
no mention of environmental issues?
Mario Perez
Lets do thissss !!!! What are we waiting for!!??
I see the super-sonic jet being a real thing before a rocket would be, as a airline concept...
420 gamer
the strategy to get prices cheaper over time is the same with all new tech. it first comes out for only the most wealthy. the high price is used to upgrade the product and make it cheaper to make and faster to repair. overtime the defectiveness and price is reduced until the average person is able to use it. for an example, the hard drive. the first hard drive was introduced in 1956. it was $50,000 for a capacity of 5MB and was the size of 2 full size refrigerators. only for the most wealthy of geeks or government. today you can buy a 10 TB internal hard drive for $350 and fit it in your hand. that is a 209,715.2X capacity increase and about a 142.85X price decrease. the focus was on capacity and size, not so much price. however the thought process is the same. it went from something average people couldnt afford to something everybody could afford. not that you need 10TB but the lower ones follow the same price. 1 TB is under $50. low enough to be the standard in PCs. the first to use this transport will be the government, followed by billionaires, millionaires, then for once in a lifetime trips for retirees and eventually it will be used by everybody. in the begining it will have defects and issues but overtime the safety will increase and the casualty will decrease
Wanna go into the vacuum of space and get exposed to cosmic rays?
Rogerio de Araujo Bonito
First transport cargo until get reusability and security enough .
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Are Electric Planes Possible? Could SpaceX's BFR replace traditional 2 days ago   10:24

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