Hurricane Florence: Timelapse shows Hurricane Florence strikes North 2 days ago   00:44

The Independent
A live camera looking out towards Hurricane Florence in the Atlantic captured the moment strong winds tore through a lone American flag.

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MDYankee13 MD
Our flag our flag
Not good conditions for a game of table tennis, the ball would simply blow away due to the fairly strong wind.
laynn 10
Tattered and Torn but our flag was still there and so was the pole it flies from. Anyone would recognize that this is the flag of United States of America just as our Flag stood tattered and torn at Fort Henry
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Hurricane Florence strikes North Hurricane Florence: Timelapse shows 2 days ago   01:16

The storm was downgraded to a category one hurricane from a category four on Friday morning, with winds of more than 90 miles per hour. Florence is expected to move slowly up the coast, drenching the region with heavy rains.

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