Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab Norwegian FM on Brexit: 'Our aim is to keep 2 days ago   1:14:49

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Richard Levett
Trade deals - that take 8 to 12 years - usually include a clause that you cant do a deal with anyone else without consulting with you. EU did this with Canada. Canada cannot give UK a good trade deal as EU will say non. USA are less easily influenced but still we wont do better on our own. We look desperate. Desperate means a bad deal. Others like Japan will have the same issue. Best deal is with the EU. Basic 101 trade deals that the British government is totally ignorant of. Currently we have free trade with 27 EU countries and 60 others via EU trade deals. We lose all those in Brexit. EU is taking a legal viewpoint - follow the law. EU is being logical and want a fair deal as they want to limit the damage of Brexit. Why oh why cant we just join Norway and be part of the customs union (no Irish border issues) and Norway stopped all its EU arguments. We could even get a slightly better deal than Norway. Way too late now.
mr Olsen
i think it is in november EU is going to have a test how to check goods comming from the UK in to the EU, how much land they need for lorries and cars that are pilling up, insurances, drivers licence and much more ?
mr Olsen
The Danish prime minister states today, that the Brittish goverment hasnt come up with anything, that is close to a deal and the ball is on the brittish side, he also states there isnt likely a deal will be made. But Dominic Rabb is telling the true they are only nigotiating the leaving bill..
David S
Warning BREXIT LATEST woman knickers will fall down due to shortage of elastic, men to vote for BREXIT...........
Carl 123
We voted for a free trade deal or WTO. We voted to leave.
Allen Payne
Good debate,but you can't leave and then demand all the benefits of EU membership,just delusional and the EU is not that easy to bamboozle.
Jintaro Kensei
Take a shot every time he says ambition and pragmatism.
Possible outcomes of a People's Vote:
1) Brexit confirmed - then carry on with leave process.
2) Deal rejected - stop Brexit.
Both results are reached by a democratic process. Democrats should have no fear of a second vote. Due to the media coverage of the Brexit process over the last 2 years, people will have much more information on which to base their choice, and they may indeed change their minds. A democratic success surely. It's not undemocratic to vote again on such a major issue.
Steve DL
It doesn`t matter what The UK says. What matters is what The EU says. When will Brexiters get this into their thick skulls ?
Matt Webb
Steven Crabbs changed his tune!
Krisztián Kőrösi
0:36 if it would just stayed that way...
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Norwegian FM on Brexit: 'Our aim is to keep Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab 2 days ago   18:25

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Norway wants to keep a good relationship with the UK after Brexit – but without compromising the Single Market. So says Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide in an interview with FRANCE 24. She also told Europe Editor Catherine Nicholson that Norway remains committed to EU-led sanctions on Russia, despite Norway’s close economic ties with Moscow.
Meanwhile, on NATO, Norway's foreign minister says she believes the United States is not likely to pull out of the transatlantic military alliance - despite rumours to that effect, as well as harsh criticism of NATO allies from US President Donald Trump.

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