Boris Johnson Predicts ‘Million-to-One’ Remainer Plot to shut down 2 days ago   1:40:46

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Boris Johnson zigzagged back to a softer Brexit stance, saying there was a "million to one" chance he’d lead Britain into a chaotic split from Europe, as lawmakers sought to make sure he couldn’t even if he wanted to.

On Tuesday, the front-runner to be Britain’s next prime minister had pledged to leave the European Union on Oct. 31, with or without a deal. "Do or die, come what may," he said. A day later he was walking that back, saying he didn’t expect Britain to end up in no-deal limbo.

“I don’t think that’s where we’re going to end up. I think it’s a million to one against, but it is vital that we prepare," he told a leadership contest event Wednesday.

Johnson has built a broad coalition of supporters within the Conservative Party, from arch-Brexiteers to modernizers who wanted to stay in the bloc. He has taken turns to offer each side what they want to hear -- both in public and in private. The pound was unchanged.

Members of Parliament who oppose a no-deal split because they fear the economic consequences are trying to use the tools of Parliament to prevent the next prime minister leaving without an agreement.

They succeeded in forcing May to seek an extension earlier this year, but a recent maneuver failed and they now risk running out of time.

Conservative MP Dominic Grieve has proposed an amendment to government spending limits that would forbid the government from spending money on some areas if there had been a no-deal Brexit that wasn’t approved by Parliament. A vote could come next Tuesday.

It’s not clear if it will succeed: The move could be too drastic, and too soon, for many of the MPs who are preparing to fight a no-deal Brexit.

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Alec Cap
There are more Turks and Turkey the last time I looked were not in the EU and African's also not in the EU and middle east in fact more people from outside the EU then in the EU flood into the UK, how is that possible for an island nation ? If Bojo grows some balls and he walks away without a deal you can slap me and call me Sue I am that sure the UK is going through its death roll
john smith
UK will not leave UK!
Nicky Chuaybamrung
UK should following the rules of laws if they wish to leave EU .
Be honest they would go middle of nowhere about. So probably second referendum is best option step up
To cancelled first chaos and divided not left open
Howard Petterson
The dog and pony show of hunt versus Johnson is a delay tactic
Hunt has already been chosen
The previous three were swiftly dispatched by the majority of remainers
The only thing that the quislings have not figured is the reaction of the public when they have their darling boris rejected and hunt tries to emulate treacherous May at keepy uppy to obfuscate the no deal brexit
Vernon Allen
100 minutes of white noise.
The chances of you getting a deal whilst screwing over Ireland are far less than a Million to one, Bojo.
Alec Cap
Bojo and his teddy bare couldn't predict the weather by simply looking out of the window. Million to one chance LMBO where do these MP's hide their balls as they clearly don't have any. 17.5 million people will be behind the person that walks away without a deal so long as we come away from the EU
Sandra Winterton
FFS just leave the corrupt EU Now with no deal! That's what we voted for in the 2016 Referendum!
martin M
Boris Johnson saying there was a "million to one" chance he’d lead Britain into a chaotic split from Europe.
Were can I put my $10 AUD on those odds ?
I could then buy many houses the English are selling in France .
My wife is French. A Win Win situation for my family
Static Method
Brexit is the result of out of control inbreeding from island nations because only inbreds would put themselves in this situation.
Ekenedilichukwu Abol
Monika Miliczka
I want to see how lucrative the uk will be for the Eu nationals after Brexit no deal!!!
Stephen Tayler
All we want from the eu is a trade deal. A free trade deal would be ideal, but if they won't play ball on this and they raise tariffs, so do we. We do not want anything else from the eu. The people have spoken and it was to leave the eu, Not for a deal to give us ever closer union. That is not what people voted for. None of the eu models are wanted. no customs union , no single market , no common fisheries policy etc etc. A trade deal and nothing else will do. Which is what were were supposed to have signed up to with the common Market, Before it became the united states of europe. Oh and we do not under any circumstances join the eu military.
Sean Rivero Guy
@ 8: 40: That will bring the people together! That will unite our country! The very true fact is that this country and it's two main political party have probably never been so divided. What a great idea was this referendum! All this for the short term benefit of a party, who in the end is going to lose it all very sorely.
Stjepan Blagaj
John Strong
We don’t need a PM that’s going to try stitching the country UP with a dirty DEAL. YOU can take it to the BANK if either one dos, he’s going to be the Conservative parties last PM this CENTURY
Bazil McBazil
No Deal is the only deal we want or need. Don't let these (any) politicos keep us hooked in to Brussels
Manuel Duarte
hahahah...British politicians are really liars and dishonest...Please leave the EU quickly and do not come back...NEVER. You are the shame of Europe...
Doug Beaton
Wow, that was an incredibly stupid thing to say. At least he mitigated it by saying that the UK should prepare for no-deal, regardless.
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Remainer Plot to shut down Boris Johnson Predicts ‘Million-to-One’ 2 days ago   05:13

There is an unconstitutional plot by Remainer MPs to shut down government, if the new Prime Minister decides to pursue a no deal Brexit.


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Both of those potentially lining up to be the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, have refused to rule out leaving the EU without a deal and a couple Remain MPs have responded by threatening to shut down the UK government unless they either rule out no deal, or get the approval of the House of Commons to leave the EU without a deal.

Labour MP, Margaret Beckett and Tory MP Dominic Grieve have laid an amendment to upcoming legislation that, if approved by MPs, could shut down the government, if the new Prime Minister went ahead with a no deal Brexit without the approval of MPs.

This is an attempt to force either Jeremy Hunt or more likely Boris Johnson, to have a vote in the House of Commons to approve a no deal Brexit before going down that avenue - possibly in the hope of preventing Brexit altogether.

What this duo is doing, is trying to shut off government spending unless the UK either has a properly ratified withdrawal agreement or MPs have positively voted to leave the EU without a deal.

Next Thursday the 27th of June, the spending estimates for government to take it through the last six months of the year ending the 31st March 2020, come up for approval by MPs.

And Margaret Beckett and Dominic Grieve have inserted amendments against parts of that proposed spending, which says:

"...provided that the authorisation for the use of resources under this resolution does not apply to such use if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union unless (a) a withdrawal agreement has been ratified or (b) the House of Commons has, prior to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, agreed a resolution to the effect that it approves the United Kingdom leaving the European Union without a withdrawal agreement."

So, if the UK leaves the EU without a deal then the money cannot be spent.

And what does this proposed spending cover?

£99 billion on education.

£97 billion on work and pensions.

£27 billion on housing, communities and local government.

£11 billion on the Department for International Development.

That's the potential of a grand total of £235,761,409,000.

Now, this will only apply to spending after the 31st of October, if the UK leaves without either a withdrawal agreement or does not have parliament's approval to leave without a deal.

So that would be five months of government spending affected. Unless the new PM handed the lot over as soon as they got into office, maybe?

So, these two Remainer MPs are prepared to put education and pensions on the line for millions of people as well as housing and communities, in their pursuit of Remaining in the EU, are they?

And the foreign aid budget would be frozen too - that'll really upset the lefties.

The one thing that does not seem to be affected by this is MPs pay and expenses - although I might be wrong there.

Now, I'll fly a kite here. How unconstitutional is it for MPs to refuse to spend money on the people of this country that has already been decided by statute and other law should be paid out?

Surely the only lawful reason for MPs to vote to not pay that money out, would be if the payments themselves were unlawful. To go through this scandalous exercise is unforgivable and unconstitutional as far as I'm concerned!

But it really is only a token gesture by Beckett and Grieve.

Because, if I were the PM faced with this, I would leave on no deal on Thursday the 31st of October, then on Friday the 1st of November or Monday the 4th, table legislation to spend the money and only an idiot MP would vote against it at that stage.