Gatwick airport: How can a drone cause Gatwick Airport: How many drones 2 days ago   02:32

BBC News
Thousands of passengers have seen their flights from Gatwick Airport cancelled after two drones were spotted flying over the airfield within a 12-hour period.

The runway is currently shut as officials investigate.

So why has a drone caused so much disruption and what are the risks posed by these devices?

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BBC News
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D Hansel
This all comes down to idiots with drones.
I hope they find and arrest these people. They can make all the laws until they run out of paper to printer them on but it is not going to stop them.
It's like making laws to stop people from holding up a convenience store with a gun. The bad guys will find a gun no matter what.
This kind of irresponsible behavior gives us law abiding drone fliers a bad name.
99% of drone flyers obey the law and don't do anything stupid.
Berges Jean Pierre
The danger of a drone agains a plane is as much as a moskito hurting you at high speed meaning……. bullchit !! ( oops excuse my bad English im only a french frogg….)
bobx dark
It's cuz the israel-paranoia is spreading.
Pingu Thing
The plastic on top of that phantom drone weighs less than 20 gram so the drone must be moving at 10000 mile per hour to cause that damage in the video!. Also the plastic drone cuts through the wing like butter where as the metal motors (55g) bounce off like peas !. It looks as if the drone body in that video is made from titanium and not plastic as is normal.
Fabio Sun
Was a UFO. Case closed. Months ago 2 Eurofighters litterally destroyed glasses of a school (full of kids) near Bergamo in Italy scrambling at Mach2 low altitude for intercept a ufo near France/Italy border. Same thing happened AT.LEAST 3 times in Piemonte near Turin. The untellable truth will fuck u up in the ass, fuckin corrupted mass medias.
robert harrold
Technology eh? Never had this problem with kites in the old days. MInd you did Mary Poppins ever use Gatwick?
George Spence
A load of rubbish BBC lies lies what next ET brings down a 747
ian kidger
At the time the company I was working for that deal with passangers with special needs at the airport was planing a strike , I smell something fishy , lol
Ajax Reno
there is always someone has to do something stupid so they come up with more striker laws
Foufou DeepAk
Drones are Israeli creation. They are trying to get the public cool & accepting of them ! But wait .... as their usual strategy of scaring & Terrorizing people (Talmud doctrine) After a while they will be used to spy on you & cause disasters & blame it on Islamic terrorism ! Like when they carried the 9/11 attack & the 5 dancing Israelis were celebrating.
This was staged by Israeli agents wanting to sell their drone radar jamming equipment.
Business is booming now as they use this terrible incident as fear mongering tactic to sell their security stuff across Europe and Asia, tried and tested against unarmed Palestinians.
Simeon 456
That drone video at the start is BS a drone would never hit a plane that fast. It would also not go directly into the wing like that because of the turbulence air.
Sanapala Srikanth
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Its Me
Oooo im gonna destroy planes now
Xavier Smith
This was a hoax so that the EU has a justification for regulating drones.
gamer boys
Total bollox, it's getting that ridiculous now even the average Joe is seeing through the bs

Where are the pictures the evidence. The police have no idea. This is a setup to restrict the airspace and give it to amazon and dhl etc for commercial gain. I have spent time and money building my business operating to the letter under my pfaw and subsiquent pfco. I welcome the control of idiots who have no more business in the air than an unqualified and uninsured driver has on the road, but this is not just about this mark my words. Outwardly it looks like a maximum impact event to garner public opinion for draconian measures. Or there is the other alternative, that the police are utterly incompetent.
Ally law subscribers wya
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Gatwick Airport: How many drones Gatwick airport: How can a drone cause 2 days ago   04:31

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said there had been around 40 sightings of what were thought to be a "small number of drones" while the West Sussex airport was closed.

He would not give details of what measures had been put in place, but told BBC Breakfast some of them were "military capabilities".

He added: "There are a range of measures which are there today which should give passengers confidence that they are safe to fly."

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