Another good reason for Brexit! Led By Donkeys on their laughter-driven campaign 1 day ago   07:46

Jeff Taylor
We keep being told how important the EU single market is to the UK, don't we? But what do the official EU statistics say? Let's take a look shall we?


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The latest EU Single Market Scoreboard issued yesterday and brought to my attention by via Twitter, shows some interesting information.

Within the report is a section on Integration and Market Openness that shows data on the amount of goods and services imported and exported between EU member states and the wider world.

It also has an indicator that shows the level of EU trade in goods integration that each member state enjoys.

The report uses the latest data available, which is up to 2017.

So, where do you think we are on the EU trade in goods integration table?

Well, you can see from this graph that the UK is in last place!

The graph shows the last three years for each member state and, for all the talk about how important the EU single market is for the UK, it doesn't seem to be integrated too much into our economy does it?

This indicator is the percentage of a country’s GDP that is accounted for by trade in goods with EU countries as an average of imports and exports.

Then we come to the percentage of GDP that represents exports in goods to the rest of the EU by each member state.

So, as the Remainers are so sure that this is central to our economy, where do you think we sit on this table?

Well on this indicator we lie second - from the bottom, with 8%.

Does that sound like a good bargain to you? Especially when as a whole, the average is 20.2%.

Also, on digging further in, the data shows that when you compare the proportion of goods exported by the UK to the EU compared to the total exported around the globe, we are fourth from bottom with 49%. I do wonder if the Rotterdam effect has been factored out here, as if it hasn't then the true figure is lower.

Each of the other 24 EU member states above us on that measure, export more as a percentage to the EU than they do to the rest of the world.

Now compare that to our imports of 12.6% in GDP terms from the EU and 10.6% from the rest of the world. So we import half again as much from the EU as we export to it.

Let's now compare our goods exports of 8% to the EU and 8.5% to the rest of the world with that of Germany that lies in quite a low 22nd position in this regard and only three places above our 25th place.

Germany exports 16.4% of its GDP in goods to the rest of the world and 22.3% to the EU. A total of 38.7% with 58% of all that going to the other EU member states.

Ah, but UK is a service economy I hear you say, so we must be doing really well with the exports of services to the rest of the EU surely?

And yes we are doing better here. On this indicator we are third - from the bottom with 5.6% compared to an EU average of 7.5%.

Then when you look across the board at the levels of imports and exports to and from the UK in goods and services to both the rest of the world and the EU27 you realise that the UK is at or near the bottom of just about every single table.

But what it really shows is how our membership of the EU has not made the UK into an international player as the Remainers would try and have you believe.

We are subject to exactly the same rules and regulations as Germany is, except where the UK has 'gold plated' them and made them more stringent than the EU minimum.

So why is the UK not benefiting hugely from the amount of money it puts in?

Why are we not exporting more to both the EU and the rest of the world?

Exactly how has an enforced increase in net migration of hundreds of thousands a year benefited our international trade?

How has subjecting the UK to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) helped here?

All those EU council meetings, all those EU parliament debates, all those EU ambassadors and the like that we have had over the decades as well as all those trade deals the EU is supposed to have come up with and it hasn't opened up either the world markets or the EU market in any meaningful way for the UK has it?

The EU's own figures show this whole project does not work for the UK. The sooner we're out, the better!




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Jeff Taylor

My Youtube Community Page:

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John Morris
I thought you’re going to talk about having fish and chips all week as it’s the only thing you’ll be able to afford
Jack Shit
Jeffrey forgot one very very important fact that we came bottom in Eurovision
Just leave!
David Brewer
For shits & giggles I was looking at "British inventions" on the Interwally this morning & I came across a wikipedia page. It showed the amazing things Britain gave the world in history so I looked at the period from 1900 to today. What amazed me was that from the year 2000 to today there were just 5 things of real world changing note...while the country has been thickly integrated into the EU. To contrast this, in the previous 19 years there were more than 30 major, world changing things including DNA profiling, carbon fibre, the first text messages, HTML, HPPT protocol (the internet), the first touch screen, the first IVF baby, carbon fibre cloth, AIM micro-controllers as used by Arduino, the raspberry pi single board computer just to name just a few...I really believe that Britain CAN be made great again (to borrow a phrase) but the country just needs to get cut free from this massive parasite called the EU.
stupid reasoning.... Has Slovakia the same GDP as the UK? You are not comparing apples with apples...
Elle Wharton
I see BoZo has been well and truly revealed as a charlatan by Andrew Neil. But anyway, I thought you lot wanted a No-Deal Brexit? That's true isn't it? OK so why are you so keen on GATT 24 which idiots like BoZo think will enable the UK to trade with the EU tarrif-free? Thought you didn't want a deal?
I'm all for breaking down trade barriers, but you don't agree a good deal within the EU, for your rights to trade with the rest of the World.
Export the wogs to the EU.
Frank the Wank only has one up vote on his comments....His up vote....Tosspot.
Those bar charts said it all....but we leavers already knew it....Thanks wont see these facts on the BBC.
Panty Sniffer
That's why the EU wants to begin taxing airline fuel and tickets cause after Brexit they will run out of money...
We are the cash cow, this is the reason why the EU what to keep in
lolololol lolololol
To break Eu. Nations got to hate other nations within Eu. Best to be separatist than globalist.
lolololol lolololol
I don’t think you guys gonna get your brexit with May and her allies. I like the idea just not in the good hands with wrong and soft ppl. Even Trump and Putin agrees
Trevor Taylor
Seems like we're only in the EU to line the politicians pocket's that's why they're trying to brain wash us into thinking we're better of in the EU when we know dam well the EU are of no benefit to us whatsoever
kevin rogers
Thanks Jeff could not have said it better👍
Poor delivery and woeful use of statistics.
Leigh Chapman
Again, another video of you talking complete bollox🤦‍♂️
nice one jeff (subbed)
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Led By Donkeys on their laughter-driven campaign Another good reason for Brexit! 1 day ago   03:57

This Fourth of July weekend, the country the U.S. broke away from is struggling with its own independence issues -- specifically, how to leave the European Union. Three years after the Brexit vote, Britain is no closer to agreeing to a deal. A group of four campaigners in London, Led By Donkeys, has taken it upon themselves to launch a passionate plea to remain in Europe, shining a very public spotlight on the politicians who promised Brexit would be easy. Debora Patta reports.

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