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The Pacific Fishery Management Council has voted to close the ongoing sardine fishery along the West Coast more than two months early to prevent further decline in the collapsing sardine population.

The announcement comes just two days after the council voted to close the upcoming sardine season, which starts July 1. Wednesday's action takes the closure a step further, making it immediate instead of allowing fishermen to carry out the remaining weeks of this season.

The mid-season closure highlights fishery managers' intense concern about a collapse that has decimated sardine stocks in recent years. Today, there are only 10 percent as many sardines in the water as there were in 2007.

Council designee Michele Culver of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife proposed the closure, calling it an "urgent action."

"This is not a decision the council makes lightly," Culver said. "We understand the disruption to the sardine fishery resulting from in-season action."

In Oregon alone, sardines are a multi-million dollar fishery.



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Dorothy Thomas
Thank for having the courage to report this. The oceans are dying because of Fukushima disaster radiation. There is a big cover up to prevent panic. There are to other extermination events happening right now. The spread of a killer fungus to humans that is resistant to treatment and spreads through the environment. The other is the magnic poles are reversing. This is what caused the earthquake that destroyed Fukushima. The ring of fire is alive. Pack up kiddies its going to be a bumpy ride!
Eliza Raffles
I think we need to leave the ocean alone and just do fish farming in aquaponic farms. May not be as good as wild caught, but it's not fair to the animals that this is the main source of food.
hasarutoe tensakey
2018 its worst
Deslyn McIntyre
No, not nuclear as some fish would survive and be deformed. What about magnetic field change!!
Freaking scientist are killing planet playing god. Like little children who stumble upon daddy’s gun in the closet. They are playing with technologies they don’t fully understand yet and you can’t tell them anything because they know it all supposedly. The elites are responsible for the deforestation, they are responsible for the chemtrails, they are responsible for Fukushima, massive oil spills, while they blame it on us.....
See Gods judging the world right now. It is going to continue and get much much worse. The words that "Jesus" spoke were truth and the other profits but his name wasn't Jesus! After the dark ages after the crusades the bibles that revealed this truth were destroyed under the military order from the Knights Templars. The knights Templars pre-date the Freemasons and knew the ancient hidden knowledge of Babylon and Egypt. The King James Bible went into mass production in early sixteen hundreds. That's right after the Jesuits formed the illuminati and it was right in the middle of the Renaissance Period. Interestingly enough the the company that was the first printing press company on earth is still the largest printing press company today and it is owned by the Watchtower bible and tract society. The Jehovah's witnesses! Charles Taz Russell the founding father of the Jehovah's Witness religion was a 33 degree Freemason. His gravestone is a giant Pyramid! He based a lot of his prediction of when the end times would come by studying the Pyramids of Giza. He has a book that can be found on the public archives entitled "The Golden Age"


After the dark ages the name Jesus was stamped on all the bibles of the world. Then the Catholic priest about the same time slowly brought back all of the Pagan holidays and just transformed them to make you think that they are in worship to God but they are not. Examples Christmas December 25th, Valentines Day! Easter! And of course Halloween though that has nothing that is in worship to God Almighty but it's fun for the kids and is a heck of a good time for adults too.

Here is what God the creator of Heaven and Earth says about that


Isaiah 14:13

For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:


Consider this verse and then consider what Jesus has done according to scripture and in the beliefs of millions.

Darn iPhone and autocorrect. I made a few mistakes in there but wow thanks Apple. All I ask is that you don't take my word for it! You take the time to challenge what I have said and you research it for yourselves. I wouldn't have wrote it if I didn't believe it.
Bridget Yorke
Theres definitely something happening Dahboo?? DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
M. wolf
For last two years I believe it has been Fukishima. Told my family and a few close friends. No one believed me so I stopped talking about it. :(
Oh man ,bad news, sardines are one of my favourite fishes. Great source of calcium, well time to stock up before shelves get empty.
kuna burger
could also be methane gas releases from the ocean floors..God will remove these things from the earth..
It's the Hosea prophecy there is no other explanation when you look at the mass animal die offs world wide it's time to realize God is talking are you listening because people are next on this list of things to go
Can't Be Complacent
We will have to impose a tax and some laws.
Maria Pierce
@wake-up-asap right but u start with the ppl losing their jobs (economically) then u get the spirarling from there. So yes it all gets down to that point. Sorry i didnt state that from the beginnin just figured everyone knew that from the get-go
Donna Reeves
It Is Fukushima Rads...The whole eco system in the pacific is collapsing!!! A tragedy...pacific is officially on its death bed.
Al-Ra- ous
Dahboo, all those die-offs are due to Japan's Fukushima crisis. The whole Pacific is dying.
Amanda Mulholland
well they predict something big hitting us.. aand Niburu would turn the world upside down in every way.."they" dont care, they are getting holed up and getting ready for their one world order at best... use your imagination for the worst
Richard Llewellyn
They are easy to catch now they glow in the dark.
Bradley G
They have technology that they dont mention to us...thats why we dont know . becuase they dont tell us
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