The Demographic Transition Model Tracking World Migration | The Economist 4 months ago   01:08

Animation of the Demographic Transition Model produced by

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Kritika Pariyar
Priscilla S
Settings at 0.5 speed is pretty good.
Isaac Perkins
isak node
my name jeff
Luca LaCava
such an inspirational video
Dan Sullivan
Can't you read?
Shayna Waltower
Thanks a lot!!!
Scott McCain
On the last slide wouldn't it be mortality increase from AIDS? Or decline in the metaphorical sense. Thanks for the clear video!
It is absurd to claim some kind of causal relationship between the two trends. 1st: the realities that caused AVERAGE LIFE EXPECTANCIES, not actual life spans, to rise occured LONG before the population drop set in. It was many the understanding of the "germ theory" of disease which led to rising life expectancies. That is, improved hygene kept way more people alive, then antibiotics came along, adding tot he earlier result. Population trendes only dropped in the '60s.
Great video....really explained everything perfectly. Nice job!
Arjun Vadrevu
Same here... Can barely read the reasons for Birth and Death rates. But it's a good video, overall! :)
thanks for this, helpful when it came to revising. only thing i'd say is the text at the top in the green box is on screen for hardly a second so it makes it very hard to read; you have to pause the video!
same with teh text at the end

thanks anyway though
OMG! The worlds population is sinking! Flee!!! Mvh. Adrian
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Tracking World Migration | The Economist The Demographic Transition Model 4 months ago   02:35

The Economist reports on how immigrants help both the countries they leave and those to which they move. Added to in October 2009

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