72 Hour Sportster Build. We're The UGLY Truth Behind Electric 1 day ago   21:13

Hoonigan Project Cars
You know us. We're the kings of wild missions - and that's exactly what this is. We have three days to turn this Harley-Davidson Sportster into a flat track racing hero - and make it a contender in the Hooligan racing series (check that out here: https://www.harley-davidson.com/us/en/explore/events/racing/hooligan.html). And if we do well at one of the qualifiers, we can potentially qualify for X GAMES. What?? Join us on the journey to see where this ends up... the checker, or the wrecker.

Thanks to everyone who’s making this mission possible:

Harley Davidson // www.harley-davidson.com

Biltwell // www.biltwellinc.com





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Hoonigan Project Cars
Let’s hear your X Games qualifying predictions; are we going to Checkers or Wreckers?!
The sportster sport will be a future classic because most of them in the 2010's got cut up to do afew laps around a flat track
Christoffer Mårtensson
Still not the peanut tank though, the real peanut is the one Wassell made.
who else subscribed straight from the intro..lol
Jason Jones
I liked this much more than I thought I would.
Kyle Roberts
Yeaaa more bikes
Jacob James
Love the build but I wouldn't have done it on a 1200S. That is one of the "best" sportsters harley made. I would have done it on a 48 or 883 low or something.
Zackery Moore
"cant lose anymore hosts" wheres Brad?
Corey Wells
More harley stuff plz
J Shaw
Yall say you're concerned with the safety of the hosts but then proceed to use grinding wheels with the guard removed and no face shield... the Track or Die guys know whats up
Killer video....love the motorcycle content..... #murderhoonigansporty
its probably too late, but lemme get those tins !? my roadster tins are clapped out ... lol
Landry Houston
what a shame. looks like a pretty nice bike
Tubewatcher 501
Saw a Hoonigan Caravan moving south on I-5 south today and gave you guys a few friendly honks as I was passing you at 80 mph. Freaking love you guys!
AJ Powers
What’s with the countershaft sprocket being so large?
LOL... The 883 Sportster would be a much better bike to start with. But hey, it's your money. So have at it. And good luck.

Huge flat track fan/racer. But why go to all the trouble to modify that toad of a bike for the track...just buy an Indian, race it, stand on the podium and drop the mic.
Brad Yelich
You can get a brass fitting for the carb from Harley. Why did you remove the fully adjustable suspension?
Simon Millar
How did Danger injure himself? but can you chuck Zac on this bike at a later date cause it would be a great video seeing him riding it
scott morgan
The iconic Sportster tank isn’t the peanut tank. It’s a copy of the DKW design from the 40s. Sold by DKW, BSA, and Harley. The peanut tank is from the original XL from 57-6? And also grew to become the original SuperGlide tank.

And S&S is definitely not the way to go for performance. Hammer Performance or NHRS is way better and a bunch cheaper. Better parts and combinations.
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The UGLY Truth Behind Electric 72 Hour Sportster Build. We're 1 day ago   13:39

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