LeBron James Shocks Lakers Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia Sixers 2 months ago   02:19

LeBron James Shocks Lakers Crowd After Taking Over In Final Minutes vs Spurs! Lakers vs Spurs December 5, 2018-19 NBA Season

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enlightened warrior
Contact every time he goes up
Thomas Kelley
How can you get your ass wooped and still brag about the lakers. TNT sucks, so tired of them also.
Leighton Williams
He is the goat
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Salah Al-Thami
I really love the way he plays..
INSANELY amazing..
I doubt that anyone would take the time out to read this but ...I started this YouTube not to long ago and my goal before New Years is to reach 500 subscribers... just liking this and commenting so more people will notice me ... God Bless and Hope we all get rich one day
This shit looks SO rigged to me. Hate pro athletics.
Kerrie Phillips
I just wish the man had some real help the youngsters are supposed to be playing like this PaPa gotta kill himself and go all out all the time smh.
Joe Black
chase biesenbach
Goat for real don't @ me
اموت بدونك ياعمري
اكره كرة القدم
When I think about the Cavs winning the NBA Championship, all I can see is a man, giving back to a place that had his back. I don't know...it sounds strange because I think that his giving back to Cleveland by winning the championship. Not too many players these days would do that.
as this phony ass 🤡 always think's he owns the NBA 🙄👊🏼 retard 🤪
JJ Wayne
Adam Sandler looks like he has an amazing life right now
Jasonite _ gaming
Idc Spurs won 3 out of 4
LeBron after the match:

*wanna sprite cranberry*
Ren Tensen
but his greed will always be his down fall/ shit goes hard as fuck tho
Jason Reese
He only plays good against bad teams. The Spurs suck let's see how he does against the top teams????
Jay Day
Yeah but what they don't show is that literally two days later the Spurs played the Lakers again and the Spurs beat the living shit out of the Lakers especially LeBron James! It was a blowout and it wasn't even close that's how bad the Lakers lost the second game two days later! But the media doesn't cover that because of his precious (LeCramp)
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Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia Sixers LeBron James Shocks Lakers 2 months ago   09:44

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