Parboi #0190 at Portishead boating Top 5 Fastest Rc Cars 2019 1 day ago   05:31

Parboi #0190 at Portishead boating lake with more smoke 😮😲😵 Parboi = Put a rubber band on it #0190 toy boat converted to Radio Control. This time it IS the power leads going to the motor that overheat and the motor is cooked.

Location 51°29'22.3"N 2°46'29.0"W
51.489515, -2.774732

Plastic toy boat
Hot glue
Paper clip
Tinplate sheet from spray can for the propeller

Sharp knife
Hot glue gun

FlySky FS-T4B transmitter
FlySky FS-GR3E 3ch receiver
2S LiIo battery
20A brushed motor ESC
9g servo

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Put a rubber band on it
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Doc Ink
she certainly could use a keel
Even bearing in mind that the motor may be pulling a lot of current for it's size, it's amazing that it could do that to the wire on the motor and not the ESC or batter wires.

Is it proper RC wire? I know RC specific stuff usually has silicone insulation which can handle higher temps and is usually made of lots of very fine strands instead of fewer large ones. Could explain why only that wire melted? Just an idea.

Perhaps a cheapo 380 or 540 motor would be a bit more resilient for the direct drive setup?
Wil Hobbs
Nice run...Just enough wind for a small sailboat, maybe? 🙂
alarme et bricolage
need new 12v RS775 motor for more stronger and power because the small 130 motor on the video is rated for 3v
RC Dre
great run til she smoked buddy :( shame about the motor leads over heating there maybe thicker wires for next run and back at it again my man :)
Fanna Mohammed TV
kyed puddin
Harumi Kagaya
Its been so long not commenting i just give like now im commenting 😄😄😄😂😂😂you always made great video with cool stuff thats what i want to see
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Top 5 Fastest Rc Cars 2019 Parboi #0190 at Portishead boating 1 day ago   06:21

First vid👌
Thanks for watching
#Robz #Top5 #2019

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