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World Wildlife Fund
At WWF's Fuller Symposium, Alasdair Harris (@aarhh) of Blue Ventures (@blueventures) talk "Catalysing coastal conservation: Making local marine management make sense" discusses the Locally-Managed Marine Area (LMMA) revolution in the western Indian Ocean, and why community involvement is crucial to coastal management.

WWF's Fuller Symposium convenes thought leaders in science, policy, business, conservation and development to tackle emerging issues facing our planet and advance science-based approaches to protect the future of nature. The 2013 Symposium explored how local and indigenous communities can empower themselves by managing their own natural resources—and in turn become a global force for conservation

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Hard & Soft Engineering (coastal Coastal management: why local involvement 2 days ago   02:36

A video describing what we can do to protect our coastal areas from erosion and such and such.