Donald Trump hosts the Boston NRA CONVENTION: President Trump FULL 2 days ago   13:19

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Alan S Binnie
Well, some of them.
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NRA CONVENTION: President Trump FULL Donald Trump hosts the Boston 2 days ago   1:04:25

There will be thousands of deactivated guns on display during the National Rifle Association's (NRA) 148th Annual Meeting at the Indiana Convention Center this week where attendees can look but not buy.

Walking that exhibit floor will be an expected 75,000 attendees, NRA members all, who are permitted by state law and convention center rules to carry their loaded weapons.

When the firearms are not in a holster on the owner’s hip or slung over his or her shoulder, IMPD worries those guns could be left behind in a parked vehicle or unsecured in a hotel room and tempt thieves.

“As a responsible gun owner you definitely should be aware of that,” said Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) Homeland Security Commander Tom Sellas. “That is definitely something that somebody that has criminal intent would definitely want to get their hands on. So it’s a responsibility of that gun owner to make sure that weapon’s secured.”

Sellas said IMPD will assign extra bike and foot patrols to monitor parking lots to protect against vehicle break-ins.

Hotel security staff members have met with police to discus