New Jersey Police Arrest Armored corrupt police arrest without 2 days ago   03:30

Air Date: March 19th, 2015

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Cyclo TeChTwIsTeR
New Jersey/New York/California = Communism In America
Tech Bat
Fuck cops.
Heather Chew
I'm so glad I left New Jersey now I can ride around with 20 guns if I want in Georgia
I'm a gun owner in NJ. We know the laws, conceal carry here is a felony and all NJ legal gun owners are responsible for knowing this. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. You can thank frothing at the mouth anti gun liberal extremist Governor Phil Murphy for the absurd attack on law abiding gun owners.
This title is misleading. He wasn't arrested for owning a gun, he was arrested for illegal concealed carry. He SHOULD have gotten his concealed carry permit when he got his guard card, then this wouldn't have been an issue.
Andrew D.
A once patriotic and common-sense state that has been run into the economic sewer. Its mass exodus is one of its many symptoms. Come to Texas boy!!!
Non Stop
Poor guy, I am from one of the most ridiculous draconian nanny state places on earth England, but that guy dont deserve to be Criminalised.. everything was legal, he even told the officer what he had and where it was, which was the right thing to do, so as to not startle him, and he gets Punished? dont add up to me, should drop any of this from his record, and just let him continue on with life, and while you are at it, get rid of any anti 2a laws that have been enacted in that state, such as the Mag cap law I have been hearing about.
Zachary J
Move to Texas brother stay safe out there don’t live in nazi states
Alex Ramirez
Fuck new jersey california illinois and all those liberal blue states..
So thats who we want as a cop, people that have mental lapses where they put their gun 5 minutes ago? I don't buy it, he knew it was there, so he's also a liar
Jonathan Gonzalez
Fuck liberal states
shit, in Michigan u can have a loaded gun in the glove box if u have CPL
cash storeone
He lives in a Democratic state, so that explains it.
This is completely ridiculous the LEO who pulled this shit is an asshole.
I'm going to have to leave NJ...sad this ever happened.
Here Let me educate everyone...  First off NJ absolutely SUCKS in guns, weapons Carry Tasers, Mace and so on....  NO one IN NJ is ALLOWED TO CARRY A GUN PERIOD! NO CCW IN THE SCUMBAG STATE of NJ just like CALI and NY The worse states ever to deal with GUN Possession...  If you are lucky enough to get a NJ CCW through your employer then you are ONLY ALLOWED TO CARRY IT ONLY THROUGH THE COURSE OF THAT ENPLOYMENT... WHILE EMPLOYED !! Though the hours of operation.  NO cop wants to hear that you forgot the gun.... I can tell you by experience HE WAS CARRYING THE FIREARM IN THE CAR and it wasn't first time...... I know I HAVE A NJ CCW !! and I'm no cop. He figured he can get away with it. The cop didn't know the law at the time. I take my NJ CCW very seriously ! Only when I am working!!   The only way to not get into trouble is MOVE THE FUCK OUT OF THIS SHIT HOLE !!!!  Go to a conservative state!
The jupiter
The state governor pardoned him in the end thus freeing him to enrol in the police academy. He passed with flying colours and on graduation day he received his police badge to a standing ovation with thunderous applause . (Google this for the full happy ending in detail)
Dee Jay
What I don't understand is that if most cops are for the 2nd Amendment why do they arrest people for having their legally owned firearms with them when they didn't intend to break the law. Look at Shaneen Allen's case for example; she notified the officer she had her legally owned firearm with her along with her CCW permit from PA. Why couldn't the officer have been more considerate and let her go with a warning? I understand the concept of enforcing the law and catching criminals; however, Shaneen Allen is not a criminal and had no intentions of breaking the law. If I were that cop that arrested her, I would have let her go with a warning. I don't know how he can sleep at night knowing that he almost ruined that woman's life.
Arshavir Matosyan
Fuck New Jersey, new york, california and other liberal states. Move to southern states like tenneessee, Alabama Georgia, texas and other states
If this was a southern State like north Carolina this would've never happened.
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corrupt police arrest without New Jersey Police Arrest Armored 2 days ago   16:36

All my charges were dropped almost immediately ( I was the first girl shown being arrested) and was let out in two hours. The youngest, 16 year old Eva was detained over night in Juvenile Detention. The other two had to be bonded out. I wanted to sue for false arrest however my lawyer and my friends lawyer never communicated haulting the process and from what I have been told the Officer who snatched the pen away is no longer an officer anyways (imagine that)