Gatwick Airport: Drone sightings Gatwick drone chaos was planned, 1 day ago   05:57

BBC News
Ten thousand passengers affected after drone sightings trigger disruption at Gatwick Airport
Gatwick's runway remains closed after two of the devices were seen nearby
Gatwick's chief operating officer said drones had been spotted over the airport as late as 07:00 GMT
He told the BBC that police did not want to shoot the drones down because of the risk from stray bullets
Passengers due to travel have been told to check the status of their flight

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It's called 30mm HE shells, but british ppl can't do anything right, even a small rock would end that fast
Use a bow and arrow
only china say UFO from
their Airport why
ufo not drone for 10 hours impossible
Michael De Jesus
This government needs to get a grip on reality! Drones you say? I say bullshit. No one sends in the military for a drone and cancels every single flight, costing airlines millions upon Millions of £----? Government and media are full of shit. Look around the world to what is happening and you will have your answer.
PS. Where is the footage of this so-called drone? We are probably the num1 country with the most CCTV & the military and media are there but no one has any footage. Strange🤔
Who else noticed the guy in the grey hoodie showing middle finger? 4:00
we need those 12 hour batteries in our phones.
Bullshit, just a big set up so we cant fly these things anywhere they dont want us to!!!!!!
Soon to follow, licences ( for them) so they can arrst us if we fly near "there" zones!!!
And what will.we do abou it....FUCK ALL!!
Mandella Man
fake news. most likely a ufo.
Bill Moore
Brit government fiddle, a country where you need a licence to get a licence, to keep civil servants employed doing everything wrong!
Scott Richards
All going on at Heathrow now for, God's sake put your drones where the Sun don't shine get a Life and find another hobbie to occupy your mind.
Lee Andrews
Absolute JOKE the world must be laughing at this COUNTRY a WEAK WEAK goverment that can NOT lead
Allan Davis
It's happened again people....and guess what.... There won't be any pictures of it this time. What a load of horse shit.
This is black propaganda by the UK police state.
Mary Poppins
QUICK QUICK .... we must have new police powers ... oh look! We have!!! 😂🤣😂😅

Shame on you bbc for being complicit with this tyrannical government but at least we all know where we stand now. You’ve done a fabulous job of outing yourselves and the entire British ‘media’ as FAKE.
Interesting times indeed.
Miroslav Neuzil
Lazarus Issass
No evidence of drones whatsoever. Police claim to have found remains of damaged drone but produced no photos. They also interview a couple for 36 hours then release them without charge, having ruined their reputation in the press.
We now have the real reason for the unproven drone claims which is the introduction, entirely predictable, of yet more draconian legislation, in this instance governing the public's use of drones. It's all imo about state control in every area of national life.
Most videos posted on YouTube about the false (imo) claim of drone flying shutting Gatwick airport are posted by the British intelligence controlled BBC.
Gazmend Avdia
Government reckons will imprisonment aliens
Gazmend Avdia
You know when you get addicted to lying you can’t help your self admit to it aliens did it
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Gatwick drone chaos was planned, Gatwick Airport: Drone sightings 1 day ago   02:40

Brian Burridge, chief executive of the Royal Aeronautical Society, discusses the chaos caused by drones flying over London’s Gatwick Airport.