DJ S.K.T - Take Me Away (ft. DJ S.K.T 'Must Be A Reason' (Club 1 day ago   03:06

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*Since many of you really enjoy our classic uploads lately, here is another golden house tune by DJ SKT - perfect to get in the mood before a night-out!* 🔥
gerda pleša
is that latvian train ?? pv train ??
Rafael Santos
Nice song man!
Huki Huki
Isn't the base melody taken from a music from the Prodigy? 🤔
Damn that bass synth is really nice.
Jamie Collins
Wait, why does the beat sound like James hypes hotline bling remix?
Sherry Gill
I heard this song 4 years back anyways good upload though 👍🏻
this is lit as fuck
Ivan TF
This still bumps
Autumn Gorgonite
This song is my childhood and now I don’t get judged when I put this song on at a house rave!!!! YAAASSS😍❤️
what genre of music is this ?
Crym Fellow
Is a girl with a background with a Moscow train was chosen on purpose?
Why is this song not on f***ing Spotify ??
Jacek Kowal
Love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤
🔥g o l d🔥
Winter Soldier
Classic banger
Diego Briffault
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DJ S.K.T 'Must Be A Reason' (Club DJ S.K.T - Take Me Away (ft. 1 day ago   05:29

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Undoubtedly one of the current hottest talents on the UK club scene, a firm national radio favourite not to mention in-demand producer and remixer, DJ S.K.T keeps the dancefloor-primed bangers coming with his debut on brand new label DFX. Re-working a late-90s Strictly Rhythm classic, DJ S.K.T nails an updated vision of Wamdue Project’s ‘King Of My Castle’, translating it for 2017’s dancefloors. Maintaining the iconic vocal line “must be a reason why I’m king of my castle”, DJ S.K.T amps up the shuddering bass for a killer 4/4 track. ‘Must Be A Reason’ is your next hottest find, whether you’re an aux cable DJ or the real deal.