Prime Minister's Questions: 19 December Brexit explained: what happens 6 months ago   47:25

UK Parliament
The Prime Minister, Theresa May, answered questions from MPs in the House of Commons on Wednesday 19 December 2018.

Question Time in the House of Commons is an opportunity for MPs to question government ministers about matters for which they are responsible.

Prime Minister's Question Time, also referred to as PMQs, takes place every Wednesday that the House of Commons is sitting and gives MPs the chance to put questions to the Prime Minister.

In most cases, the session starts with a routine 'open question' from an MP about the Prime Minister's engagements. MPs can then ask supplementary questions on any subject, often one of current political significance.

The Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn asks six questions and the leader of the second largest opposition party asks two.

You can follow for official news and information for the UK House of Commons Chamber.

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Jeremy Corbyn is a complete joke. He just says the same repetitive junk on the deal which he has no concept of, or any plans on it himself. Back when he became the leader of the labour party he first spoke as the voice of the people. Now, it's just his own voice, at the expense of "this country" in every argument he tries to throw. He clearly wants to be PM and it will never ever happen. 99% of the arguments he produces are never backed by facts or intelligence, just shouting and loud false accusations. I'm always amazed by the responses from T.May, she always puts the useless man in his place.
18:20 Corbyn calling May "Stupid Woman"
Ab Aha
Re nationalise energy and the Chancellor will have a bigger purse
Ab Aha
Theresa stay strong and don't let the back benchers bully you
Bibek Mukherjee
I slow these parliamentary sessions down to half speed so as to make every MP sound drunk. It's real fun it is. Highly recommend it.
Richard-Anthony Gilbey
Pm right pan am flight huge tradegy, as it missed glasgow. Pm has 3 big problems...1. Fat twat Boris jonson.....2...At 98 years of age prison basically care home....3. Police not in charge of anything but getting your family killed by revenge attacks....oh I forgot 4......raf so far above police rank and pays scale how can she temper the false violence of the finished prehistoric poolice farce
May should step down. She has no credibility. No one believes what she's saying. She cannot get the votes and she knows it.
dandelion Kim
wowwww she is so great
Vincent Harris
Does this still air on CSPAN?
Tony Pugliese
I know a lot of British might find this pure rubbish, but, boy, this type of debate is so important to democracies. House members of my country barely know how to talk in a proper and orderly manner, LET ALONE debate ideas with someone else whose views are completely different.
What did he say?
- Like for stupid woman
- Comment for stupid person
Corbyn shouldnt talk, he hasn't put together any Brexit plan. The Theresa May deal is the ONLY DEAL.
João Paulista
I believe May will solve all brexit problems as well as Emannuel Macron will regain the trust of his people.
I must say, for 62 years, Theresa May is quite beautiful; she also has class, without the pretentiousness. Jeremy Corbyn is an angry disgrace.
Joy Smith
Labour leader MR Crosby is a stupid man he should kept his mouth shut cause he is not a man that say a stupid word for a woman like PM he is out of Respect a public
Asmare Desta
Where i am from, if you disagree with the prime minister u will not exist the next day sadly.
Video Market HD
in 2019 I wish PMQ had in Cambodia
Video Market HD
I'm from Cambodia i like Democracy.I really want my Prime Minister do like this
yes I watch PMQ every week
Rodolfo Licks
Here in Brasil we have not one, but two tv channels that broadcast day in and day out literally ALL sessions from both houses (here we have lower and higher separated into congress and senate), but yet I find time and time again people from my country complaining about the lack of coverage about politicians in session. They certainly do not pay any attention at all to their own backyard.
Mikes Karaoke
Sounds like a sheep field. Hi I'm Theresa may, ba🐏 ba ba ba🐑 ba, I use jif cleaner, ba ba ba, I had the mince pies, 🐏🐑🐏, the man with the hammer is from flog it, ba ba🐏🐑, my Brexit deal is like Uranus, ba ba ba🐏🐑🐏🐑 this is not my BT phone I'm using, 🐑🐏🐑🐏🐑🐏🐑🐽🐑
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Brexit explained: what happens Prime Minister's Questions: 19 December 6 months ago   11:08

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