Casting Detective Pikachu THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 - 6 Minutes 2 weeks ago   01:14

Ryan Reynolds
You should have seen the audition room when we were done....

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Gyjb Htjg
Mokuhen K
spider lily
:O pokemon card with a ticket your doing that again...... cant wait for it to become priceless and rare
Khirk Luis Eparwa
Smosh should have a cameo in the next movie.
Michael LeCompte
Saw Pokémon the first movie now can’t wait for this movie!
Kyle Magaro
I feel like after X-Men origins Ryan realized he only wanted to make things he's truly passionate about and make them right. He clearly is heavily involved in this and has a lot of love for Pokemon, it really shows.
kim robin Sylow
Is the narrator at the end, the same guys that do voice over on the show?
Knuculs gamer
Ay can hold on tal may 10
Leef KittyDoodle
Can we just talk about how beautiful that torterra is? There he is! My first pokemon!
Magikarp: Completely useless

Me: Just like meeee!!!
Depressed Luigi 92
Aw. That jigglypuff is adorable.
Tshilanda Musole
This is better than that other movie Pokémon Mewtwo strikes elvotion
I already commented on the impressive CG used to make the Pokemon look realistic while staying true to their designs, but I gotta say, Torterra looks *especially* amazing!
Also, my mom loves Psyduck and Deadpool/Ryan Renolds. I think she might want to see this more than me.
Aileen Andrade!
Squrtle is SO cute
average metalhead
Is no one going to talk about FUCKING MEWTWO
Debi Monigold
Go to 1:01 ifyou like Purrloin. HINT HINT 🐈 🐱 😈
Joe Snaffer
They all look really good, except for lickitung. He’s still extremely creepy.
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THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 - 6 Minutes Casting Detective Pikachu 2 weeks ago   05:40