'US pushing for Iran war in hopes for regime Iran military parade video: 2 days ago   02:01

The first day of the UN General Assembly in New York was quite predictably marked by a boiling over of tension between Iran and Israel. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used his speech at the gathering to denounce Israel's alleged nuclear stockpiles and its occupation of Palestine. The Iranian president's address to leaders and ministers from over 100 countries prompted Israel's ambassador to walk out. Ahmadinejad also implicitly accused the US of shielding Israel and paving the way for a strike on Tehran. This comes just days after Washington decided to remove an Iranian militant group, the MEK off its terror blacklist. Jamal Abdi, the Policy Director of the National Iranian American Council, believes the sudden change of heart over an organization striving to overthrow the Iranian regime, is no coincidence.

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Nanda Mahardika Septiansyah
America Is A Dog,,Stupid Crazy,,Shit..Colonized ALL Country ..BOTTOM
USA is not we the people our enemy is the evil in high places.
The puppet master's and their puppets would have us kill one another.
Then they come out of their holes clean up the mess and any straglers who wont comply to the hew world order..Being played are we all Russian Chinese troops in America are we not P.O.Ws now.
Sheeple are afraid of wolfs.
Christians see themselves raptured in their sleep they dont care.
They will care but not in time will they awaken from the dream of the flesh.
james Anderson
pff we have ATOMIC BOMB! FUCK IRAN!!!
Cheeky She-wolf
The USA is the leading terrorist nation. Destroy the USA, the problem goes away. :)
stupids matherfuckers
You are a dumbass.
USA is built on land stolen from peaceful Indians, removed by genocide.
USA developed weapons with which it attacks and occupies other lands .
USA develops more weapons during peace, then starts a war just to use it.
USA created Petro-Dollar to allow it live wealthy without working .
USA gained technologically as foreign brains arrived USA .
USA is the biggest stain on humanity with largest prison in world
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Guess where I live ,, here are clues I give
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Children are shot dead ,, guns are kept under bed
You could be in cinema ,, killed by joker with dilemma
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My country nuked Japan ,, now wants do same to NK & Iran
So where do I live? ,, and you got a Dollar to give ?
Guess where I live ,, here are clues I give
My country is dying ,, but my government is trying
Petro-Dollar been feeding us ,, our cars are as big as a bus
But we got no oil run ,, so we aim to attack Iran
Our President is so well tanned,, he looks all black and brown
We live on Food Stamps ,, it’s sign of our new times
So where do I live ?,, and you got a Dollar to give ?
Good old swine,read my comment again,you have a problem with understanding,try on line MMSE.
It would be wisely Iran to gave up aggressive policy and language,for the benefits of all region and globally.
Charles Oneill
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Charles Oneill
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Charles Oneill
We got no problem with normal Iranian people, peace.
Charles Oneill
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BrainwashedUS Burgermuncher
More cash for the rich coming up all they need is a false flag
Where I live is not the issue. Even this mullah-regime consider every Iranian or half Iranian living abroad an Iranian.
John Fast
and?I can still be Iranian living in sweden.
abdulrahman alkandari
To all the people that believe Iran, USA and Israel are enemies you are all idiots. This is just a big act. I can prove my claim if you want to chat or debate I am ready. just tell me when and on what website.
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Iran military parade video: 'US pushing for Iran war in hopes for regime 2 days ago   01:20

Iran proudly paraded its military hardware in Tehran on Friday under the gaze of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who used the event to again defiantly lash out at the West and Israel. The display, involving thousands of military personnel, tanks and missiles borne on trucks, marked the anniversary of the start of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war.