Fergus Wilson on landlord vs. property Young property entrepreneur - Rajan 3 months ago   12:18

Fergus Wilson, famed for his BTL portfolio of around 1,000 properties, now describes himself as a landlord, rather than a property investor. He says BTL investors need to think in terms of 20 years.

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John Richard Ogilvy
we need more council housing in this country not more landlords and more people owning their own homes
Robert C.H. Roy
Thank you, Sir Fergus for sharing your wisdom! Best wishes for you and yours for the future...
Richard -
why were you so crap buying jump horses??
Well said, Fergus.

You have my vote for PM, along with Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins and of

course the only one likely to get it, JRM.

Nice to see a non-interrogator holding a TV mike for once.

She's obviously not a BBC hard left hellcat.
Dave Jones
Gov are building tons of flats for students in sought after university areas.... The evil against the people as per norm, driving out landlords more like it.
No mention of the tenants perspective. after all, being a landlord or investor is just about making money and not about any social responsibility at all.
When will this racist bastard have a stroke & die?
I'm a landlord and an investor. I believe that if somebody purchases an investment property and has tenants, then by default, they are both. If you use a letting agent you are still responsible for the safety of your tenants. You have responsibilities and in the eyes of the law, the buck stops with you. You are a landlord. If you purchase an empty building or site and do not have tenants, then you would be classed as an investor and/or developer. That's my opinion. Great video and interesting interview 👍
Paul Charles
The government and their friends want to make all the profits from property ownership. Instead of social housing, housing will be provided by big business..with tax- break incentives, thus rents will increasingly go to the super-rich corporate world squeezing out the small inverstors and ordinary Joes. Tax collection will plummet and the economy will suffer tremendously. Cameron et al don't care as they will own most of the private housing and will scoop all the profits as rents skyrocket.
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