Himawari is NOT a Ninja & Naruto Makes Naruto vs. Pain [60FPS] Full 2 months ago   11:11

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Boruto Episode 93 Review which includes Naruto being the Hokage and creating the parent-child day. This means he wants to hang out with Boruto and Himawari. There is an easter egg of Sasuke uchiha and Sarada too. Himawari may not be a ninja after all and following Hinata footsteps of being a housewife?

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Tbh I want himawari to become one with the ninjas
Tasha Joachim
Hold up! Himawari is 10?!?!??!?! WTF!!! 🤦🏿‍♀️
Now I want a filler with Naruto spending his day with Hinata. We need that wholesome episode!
Nahiyan Nabi
Samuel Rodriguez III
For all my Spanish speakers, was it as hard for you as it was for me to separate the text vs. what the guy was actually saying not matching up lol
Hussein Elghandour
the intro has me dead
I love how shino acts weird with the kurama toy and when he was kid he just look like a straight face character because he glasses would hide his eyes plus he would annoy Kiba with minor details.
Asanda Ndimande
The intro needs to go Viral
Issa tae Bij
Everyone literally has 1 kid but naruto pulling game just ain’t there yet.
Isaac Moon
I think the reason Boruto feels more hurt about his relationship with his dad when compared to Sarada is for the same reason Sasuke felt he hurt more about losing his family than Naruto did; it’s having the relationship that makes it hurt when it’s all taken away from you. If you never knew your dad like Sarada didn’t, not having him around sucks, but it’s just a fact of life. Boruto on the other hand lives with his dad and there was a part of his life where his dad was always with him and they were really close, but when Naruto became the Hokage, those days ended and Boruto effectively “lost” his dad. It’s having the bond that makes it hurt.
noel sante
We all know Hima Can one Shot Delta He knocked out The savior of the Shinobi world
(Don't hate Im just Saying facts)
Gaurav Khanal
That intro was littttt!!!!
Hello How Are You
Boruto is not fully fulfilled the expectation.

First, Boruto Jougan, Very Early shows up and need to wait 5 years to see what Boruto eye capabilities.

Second, About Sarada meets Sasuke. I think this also happened kinda rushing. Which include Uchiha shin as a Villain for that Arc. And that villain is pretty lame. Even his dojutsu kinda cool. 😜

3rd, Chunnin Exam. This is the worst. I 100% Expect the most exciting Chunin battle ever. But oh my, what a waste of episode. Use this moment to launch momoshiki attack was also pretty lame. But I guess that's when one of the appropriate time for all kage to gather maybe?. That's why.

4. Momoshiki. She or he might be stronger than kaguya cause he can accept whatever jutsu/chakra against him. But still he is not even a level of Sasuke/Naruto. Expect a whole otsusuki clan comings in this series?? 🤔

5. The ninja tech. This is not bad idea. Prefer use this as more dangerous mission or under desperate situation rather than just trial, trial and forever trial. Knowing than New enemy organization : KARA utilize more on Ninja tech is not bad.

6. Too much unnecessary filler. This also kinda early. As the series probably still around 2-8% story lines. With this much filler, Until 200 episodes the story could about just 15%. So weird?😅

7. Boruto's Karma. His new ability by defeating Momoshiki. I guess defeating kaguya if possible give you even more deadly power isn't it. 😎🙄

8. Boruto Generation is weird. Unlike naruto young days all team is perfectly pointed out. For nows, only ino shika cho that makes me utterly watch this show alongside Naruto/Kurama.

9. Konohamaru. I like this guy. But he become more serious or what? Maybe he is sensei. That's why. But still hope he can become the next hokage.

10. Sarada. She suppose to be genius. I guess she still. but To weird. maybe sakura genes.😧

11. No more byakugan. I mean hyuga clan screentimes. 😑 Himawari definitely will be a great ninja but no hyuga no fun. 😋

12. Everything looks so easy for Boruto. This is so much plot armor.

13. Naruto dead. Guys this will happened for sure.

14. Jiraiya still alive?. Looks this in manga but anime need to wait 1000 more episodes.

15. Very little demanding mission. I guess the author is out of idea. I prefer use this to show some team work from each team. I guess strength or ability wise for boruto series is underrated.

16. Boruto ways too OP? 😂😜

17. Lacks of humour ? 😬

18. Total loss on what had happened. I guess after fourth shinobi war. Ninja had become kinda relax and lazy around.

19. Should have make a villlain from another nation. (Not Big 5)
This could be perfect mission.

20. Other bijuu whereabouts. This is so weird for sure.

21. The new kage from other nation than konoha looks so weak. ? Maybe only me i guess. Not gaara of course. the other 3. ???😂🤗

Anyway, I enjoy the series even tho is below average at the moment.
IAm Miggate
shes ten i thought she was 4 damn i need watch more boruto
Yukiko Cold Snow
Creo que ya se como se sienten los Japoneses cuando leen fake subs en sus animes XDDD
Wolf Woods
Shadow Kage????
The Shadow Shadow?


THATS SO DUMB!!!!!!!!!
Eileen Borchers
In that episode, and I feel that it was confirmed in the Sarada episode, I got the impression that Boruto left specifically so that his little sister could have that day. In the last big arc Boruto came to terms with his dad, losing at least some of that bitterness and I think he probably feels that Himawari, who is clearly sad whenever Naruto can''t join them, but also never whines, needs that time more then himself. In the last of this filler sequence it is shown that Boruto wanted his dad attention all along (he was ecstatic to get that time), meaning giving it up was him taking care of his sister. I did wonder where Hinata was as it was parents day and not fathers day. She could have taken Boruto, who she sees less of now. It would have been awesome if she trained Boruto and showed off the fact that she is a accomplished ninja herself. Even without the eyes I'm sure it would be great fighting practice and would help forge a new bond between the two.
Boruto does whine a lot, but I like to think that the point is his recognizing this trait and growing up. His teenage-self calls his younger version a bitch. Naruto had some whining issues himself along with just being over vocal, but we see over the series how he learns to focus, listen and shut-up. Not completely obviously, but was only 16 at the time (turned 17 the day the war ended), and has clearly improved even more as an adult. I wanted to smack pre-Shippuden Naruto all the time. So, I think that we just need to be patient. He has actually improved some already since that arc - acknowledging Naruto's gift as proof of his dads consideration, pointing Sasuke towards his daughter and giving up training, and in the filler-arc where he left the village he does whine, but also shows moments of improvement. However, for the moment he is annoying, I agree.
One other thing, I didn't think about Kiba & Naruto relationship, instead I think it's Hinata & Kiba's relationship that isn't as strong. Naruto and Kiba were friends and 'rivals', but they weren't super tight. Hinata is the one who was very close, being on the same team and everything. If you need an example, when the wedding was coming Kiba isn't focused on a present for Naruot, but about Hinata's happiness and what gift is good enough for her.
Shemar Hopkinson
THAT INTRO got me laughing so hard i started to tear up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Iqbal Hardito
Uzumaki clan always act like a brat when they are child
sarah gey
I Know spanish it was really hard and weird to read the subtitles.
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Naruto vs. Pain [60FPS] Full Himawari is NOT a Ninja & Naruto Makes 2 months ago   22:55

Naruto vs. Pain [60FPS] Full Fight (English Subbed)