2016 Olympics: What Rio doesn’t An Inconvenient Border: Where China 3 months ago   08:37

Rio is hiding poor people.

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The 2016 Olympics are set to begin in just over a month in Rio de Janeiro. As the city prepares to receive an influx of international visitors, it is building new infrastructure and transportation systems to accommodate the surge. But the city is also undergoing another major project: hiding and removing poor people from view of foreign onlookers. I went to Rio to see how the city is transforming to make way for the Olympics

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The Randomizer
Why hold the Olympics in Brazil anymore? If the area's mayor is putting money into life-scarring projects that cost millions of dollars...


It is a un-forgetable image of seeing your house get demolished or, important people who were being tormented by brutal police force JUST FOR MONEY.

Anyway that is my saying on this horendous act that has been committed.
Daniel Mestre
R’s are NOT pronounced as H’s in portuguese! C’mon! @3:10
It is even more depressing knowing what happened to these stadiums and Olympic villages once the games are over. White elephants are what they are called. Within a month the Olympic grounds were barren, abandoned, and already rotting.
Maxine Fox
Northside Southside...🤔
Vincent Tan
It's like Malaysia. They like to maintain master slave relationship instead of everyone being prosper
Iqbol Ash
their government same as Israel forcing native Palestinians out of their own land. you can never hide the truth from the world.
Amber Fillmore
Vox, I'm do disappointed. Your content is better than this!
If "some" of the family's were able to legally stay and the rest were not, why? That implies that they are squatters. Then the rest of your video is trying to get us to side with the plight if squatters?
I thought this would be an interesting look at how communes are often left worse off economically than before after hosting Olympics...not whatever that was
time traveller alvey
They took the money and didn't leave?!
I would do the same. Not for Olympics, but for tourism. The tourism industry is worth billions of dollars, and if some parts of my city was extremely poor, that repelled tourists, that I get millions of dollars from, I would try my hardest to block the poor or to improve life and looks there.
Olenka P
in order to actually do something with the favellas, you need to first clear that area from mafia. In order for that to happen you need to kill loads of locals and police members in a harsh long and bloody fight against the mafia. Maybe they dont want to sacrifice that many lives
Haha gayyyyyy
Kenji Sakamoto
Funny thing is this is happening in Los Angeles. Poor people that don't know how much their house is worth so they get 1/4 of the value all over the city including South Central, downtown homeless people in skid road being forced into eviction so they can make it more of a tourist trap and how a lot of them are displaced without any help. I understand what the city wants to do which in this case they want to invest in the community but that not what the realtors and those who buy these properties want.
SMH, what's new.
and now look at the Olympic park, used once , abandoned and useless forever
Rio just got exposed
If the Brazilian government tomorrow decided to spend $1b dollars on providing better housing, schools, water, roads, transportation to all the favelas in Rio, it would be wasted money in the long run.
Because the reasons people are poor have not been resolved. People that don't have a marketable trade or skill, will not earn enough money to maintain the house they live in. In addition, other poor people from the rest of the country would be attracted, with the DEMAND that the government give them a new house for nothing. Poverty exists due to overpopulation, ignorance, religious control, and the culture. There is no quick recipe to bring that nation to US standard of living. First step is compulsory birth control. 1M poor people can't sustain an economy, so if the number is reduced to 100,000 middle class people, then things can turn for the better. 1 child policy implementation for the next 30-40 years, and free abortion on demand. Get the church out of government affairs. The church has done NOTHING to eradicate poverty., in fact, it has INCREASED it. China in 1980 was worse off than Brazil. Look at them now.
Thank you for this
Aaron Simpson
if they want to have their city made "better" then why dont they just use their money to help build new houses and get more food? not build a bloody wall
João T.F. Santos
Nice video and excellent story covering the many thing about Rio that they don't want us to know. But as a portuguese I have to say that RR's are not spelled like h, this is spanish. RR's in portuguese are spelled kinda like the r in bounjour in french or rr in error in english, that two are the more similar with the two rr's in portuguese language but still different, but never h. Portuguese is hard. ;)
Musical_ Killer
I can't sugar coat it, I am greatly disappointed. I don't want to go to Rio knowing its people’s current state.
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