2016 Olympics: What Rio doesn’t Why Colombia has taken in 1 million Venezuelans 1 day ago   08:37

Rio is hiding poor people.

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The 2016 Olympics are set to begin in just over a month in Rio de Janeiro. As the city prepares to receive an influx of international visitors, it is building new infrastructure and transportation systems to accommodate the surge. But the city is also undergoing another major project: hiding and removing poor people from view of foreign onlookers. I went to Rio to see how the city is transforming to make way for the Olympics

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*This is the modern day of Marcos regime in the Philippines before. Now here in the Philippines these Marcos loyalists loves bragging the Marcos' infrastructures but millions of people are hungry that time and the economy was worst at that time. 😒*
They offered money, you said "no" and now you complain. I would not want a slums next to where I live neither. I am not trying to sound cruel, but it is a fact. We pay top dollar for real estate for a reason.
Lana Olushola
I have to say - With Vox, my life just got better
marc flaherty
they should make an updated 2019 video
William Tadeu
3:09 R’s are pronounced like “h” in Portuguese???😂😂
Or u mean the colony downgrade of a accent
The Olympics causes this every *single* place they go. There is poverty and low-income people everywhere, in every country and every single time the Olympics shows up they get steamrolled. It happened in Vancouver as well and will continue to happen. Time for the Olympics to go home to Greece and stay there.
This is why i'll never go to Brazil.
“We will build you nicer homes so we won’t have to see your eye sore homes” what next? They’re gonna pay them to stay inside so no one has to look at their poor faces?
snks Official
3:48 T-Mobile Theme
Would be better spent on their children's schools
The Olympics is such a massive waste of money. I visited the Barcelona Olympic venues in 2011 as part of a geography trip and its just abandoned
Kryštof Uhlíř
This video is a example of the serious content, that we want to have on YouTube...
Sofia !
I want to se how 2019 in rio is now
Ms. Daniela M. Delyusto
I thought this was Borders
This is just sad that this is happening. :(
Joe Tavares
Jaciel Roblero
It’s sad that Brazil uses tax money to hide the poor and less fortunate instead of helping them
stine Berglund
How are Rio doing today? Is it better?
Star Raptor
And that's why in my country we are all equally poor (Romania)
Samuel Jett
It doesn't matter where you are or what your views are, imminent domain sucks. You don't actually own something if the government can just take it away because they want to. In my home city there are dozens of homes being destroyed so a new highway can be built that is 5 minutes shorter than the existing one. 5 MINUTES!!! I admire the courageous people that stand up to that bs.
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Why Colombia has taken in 1 million Venezuelans 2016 Olympics: What Rio doesn’t 1 day ago   08:30

The border of unity.
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Colombia is currently dealing with a massive wave of refugees coming from Venezuela. Venezuelans are fleeing their home because of a severe economic crisis under President Nicolas Maduro. There are high inflation rates and there isn’t enough food available for people within Venezuela to even eat. Thousands of Venezuelans cross the Simon Bolivar bridge located at Cúcuta every day and Colombia doesn’t seem to be turning anyone way.

This borders episode looks at why Colombia doesn’t turn away these refugees, the shared history of the two nations and how there may be a limit to Colombia’s acceptance of incoming Venezuelans.

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