REPLAY: Antares NG-11 rocket Liftoff - LIVE Antares Rocket 1 day ago   4:18:31

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This is a replay of the live stream, with archived live chat messages.

Wed, April 17:
4:15 pm EDT (2015 GMT) - Live launch coverage begins
4:46 pm EDT (2046 GMT) - Launch time
7:00 pm EDT (2300 GMT) - Solar array deployment coverage begins

Fri, April 19:
4:00 am EDT (0800 GMT) - Live rendezvous coverage begins
5:30 am EDT (0930 GMT) - Capture of Cygnus by ISS
7:00 am EDT (1100 GMT) - Installation coverage begins

Launch time: 2046 GMT (4:46 p.m. EDT)
Launch site: Pad 0A, Wallops Island, Virginia
A Northrop Grumman Antares rocket will launch the 12th Cygnus cargo freighter on the 11th operational cargo delivery flight to the International Space Station. The mission is known as NG-11. The rocket will fly in the Antares 230 configuration, with two RD-181 first stage engines and a Castor 30XL second stage.

Intro music: CO.AG - The Earth in 100 Years
Intro video courtesy efeuEntertainment using Space Engine
Outro music: CO.AG - Anything is Possible
Outro video clips courtesy NASA and SpaceX

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Comments 32 Comments

I saw this objct on Stellarium next to Iss.
Planet Xtreme
1:36:59-1:37:12 the ufo on the tower on the right tilts 45 degrees
its also there for the whole video
Felipe Trovão
there s a ufo behind the tower on the left!
Rush: Cygnus X-1 sent me here.
Ivan hedgehog
And can resume the program Space Shuttle??
A Well Dressed Male Papaya
So glad I got to be there in person.
A Well Dressed Male Papaya
This is NOT SpaceX, I repeat NOT SpaceX. This is the Orbital ATK Antares being launched by Northrop Grumman
SS Skinman
Don't these launches have some kind of camera showing the separation of the stages? At least (in this case) the second stage, and then a computer simulation of the rest?
Brian Riley
Watching this just makes me realize how far ahead SpaceX is. Not just in recoverable components, but in presentation and marketing of their launches.
Paul Kane
Why NASA spends money for projects like this?
Give it to Spacex, they are light years ahead.
Jenny Àldrich
This is NOT FAKE boy I can't believe so many people don't believe this stuff is real.
So fake.
Sands Family
Teach a Man to Fish
Couldn’t see it in Chesapeake.
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Liftoff - LIVE Antares Rocket REPLAY: Antares NG-11 rocket 1 day ago   07:44