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Water cooler discussion of the Lion Air 610 disaster and similarities with Ethiopia's Boeing 737 Max disaster. Your considered and respectful comments are appreciated. The investigation is ongoing and loved ones might be here looking for answers.

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Maddog Jones
Sorry AvE, Sweden never had Harrier's. Some handsome n
blond Swedish dude duped you...
Lord Edward
It is worse than a "brain fart" by the flight crew. If this failure occurs at low altitude, there simply isn't enough time. Also, the failure of the sensor also caused the engines to go to full thrust as well as nose down.
John Summers
I think the report will show that the pilots zigged when the should have zagged.
the reason that plane went down is because the pilots didnt have proper training, it was as simple as hitting a switch to shut the system off.
The Bernoulli's principle doesn't produce nearly enough force to keep the plane in the air, it the change to the momentum of air, the picture you've shown at 08:33 is illustrating it quite well, it shows the air's vector going downwards after being in contact with the wing, which gives the plane momentum in the opposite direction. It doesn't have an effect on the conclusion of the video, it's just a very common misconception.
The MCAS system on these jets corrected a stall condition by trimming the nose down through the *horizontal stabilizer*, not the elevator. This is important because the elevators are controlled through yoke inputs. Enough stab trim nose down input will counteract and override the elevator input given by the pilots trying to pull up through the yoke.
So I was a security guard once at a place where a lot of MIT PhDs worked, doing all kinds of smart stuff for the oil industry... you may actually know the company, I was at the Schlumberger R&D headquarters in Cambridge, MA. Packed with people who are too smart for their own good, diving down rabbit holes of cutting edge technology to do I don't know what with drilling.

Anyway I talked to their expert on fluid dynamics and asked her if the thing about airspeed and pressure differentials creating lift is true. (My suspicion was initially raised by the fact that helicopter blades are symmetrical -- how can a symmetrical airfoil create lift if lift is generated by a difference in airspeed?) She said no, it's not caused by dissymmetry in airspeed, but by... well, I don't know what the other stuff she said was. I didn't understand it since I'm not an MIT guy. She threw the letter Q around a lot but other than that it flew right over my head.

But I did take one important thing away from that conversation: lift generation by an airfoil is not a result of the air moving faster over the top of the airfoil, despite what everyone is taught in school.
Derek Miller
Ave, here is an article about the angle of attack sensors you mentioned in this video. Apparently they weren't even installed on either of these planes because they were an optional add-on that the airlines didn't opt for.
Daniel I
Latest news seems to be despite having two Angle of Attack sensors, only one is used for MCAS. The indicator gauges and warning light that say when the two disagree is an optional extra that the airlines didn't pay for. That means one of the sensors is completely rendundant, not in the 'it's there just in case' sense, but in the 'its got no fucking use whatsoever' sense.
Frank Jeffers
this guy pretty much nails it... but your version is more "colorful" which is always appreciated...
The Tech From Heaven
Only competition? Don't forget the Russians! They will implement parachutes and vodka to solve possible problems with their planes.
737 Max Problems..Angle of the dangle, heat of the meat, and the mass in the ass.
James Rindley
Is that old Bernoullis law explanation of a wing actually right? Because as far as I can see, the only way a wing can generate lift is by diverting part of the airflow downwards.
AvE was spot on! 3 people in the cockpit made the difference in a previous incident. https://ai-tube.com/videoai/9Gf_NwH89Dx
Wilmer Schock
How are we expected to watch Youtube if the comments on Ave's channel are so interesting we have to read them all?
David Welsh
nailed it
7:35 As a Formula 1 fan, this made me feel warm inside.
I'm sure smarter people than I made this decision for a reason, but I can't imagine why they would allow the MCAS to operate while the pilot is manually flying the plane. It sounds to my only slightly more educated than layman brain like they're designing modern passenger jets like fly-by-wire fighter jets -- unstable without the aid of computer assistance. Seems unnecessary in an effort to save a buck.
goota watch again 3rd time your dead nuts rite about the confuser,faa almost allways takes year no joke fart tubes with wings lol .
more training answer??
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