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Water cooler discussion of the Lion Air 610 disaster and similarities with Ethiopia's Boeing 737 Max disaster. Your considered and respectful comments are appreciated. The investigation is ongoing and loved ones might be here looking for answers.

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Maddog Jones
Sorry AvE, Sweden never had Harrier's. Some handsome n
blond Swedish dude duped you...
cline brink
F@cking love ur vids
I think my "favorite" part of this whole catastrophic cluster fuck is in how utterly irresponsibly designed that whole system was. Only one sensor providing output at a time? Requiring the airlines to pay a huge fee just to add a warning light to the circuit that says that the two sensors aren't in agreement, but no info on which one's anomalous?

None of this covered in pilot training?

Like holy fuck if there was any justice in the world this would end Boeing. But there isn't. Not for ordinary people who die due to corporate greed.
You would only need to do one of those three things to override the sensor.
Karl Slicher
Unless Boeing changes the 737 Pinto Max to have a tail with control surfaces not made useless by stupid engine placement in front of the wing no amount of training or autopilot patches will bring its death rate in line with the accept industry average. It's a badly designed craft, a Pinto case of compromised safety known about before people started dying and hidden by dozens of undeniable killers for cash at Boeing and its close friends in high certification places etc.
Eugene Frechette

Oh hell no!
Joey VanOstrand
Third-World countries should learn to feed themselves independently before they try to take to the skies.
OK...Your an ashole!!!
Mike J
I dearly hope that you were drunk when you recorded these barking mad opinions.
Johnny Tramain
As a retired Airline Pilot & Flight Engineer, the old saying was "It's all over but the shoutin". Someone once told me that "they'll install the new steel fire escape after the fire".
Your explaination of how wings work is wrong.

Bernoullis law is NOT the reason lift is generated. Symmetrical wings are perfectly capable of generating lift.

Lift is generated by bending the airflow downwards.
Don Potter
They're trying to push self driving cars. There's no way they are ever going to tell us it was automatons fault combined with human error.
You Canadians should be happy Boeing got their tits in the wringer with this one. After their efforts to destroy your C-Series that's just bad karma. Their efforts where so agressive that it makes you wish they'd put that kind of energy in designing safe aircraft. There was a lot of your hard earned taxpayer money involved in that project...
John Johnson
Did you jump with parachute?
jose Montouy
Accidents are acummulation of things gone wrong not .
Dr Dave
In thinking through this, I can't help but wonder if under certain flight conditions the AOA sensor may be getting some pressure feedback from the gaping maw of those monster engines, which biases the angle read creating an error that persists. Under conditions of 'not-enough-air' (ie: slow climb) there should be some inlet disturbance as the engine sucks air from around the inlet to pull enough operating air volume (as opposed to basically "air goes straight through" with little disturbance under proper cruise conditions) and since this engine configuration is unique and may require a specific set of circumstances to cause issues, it's not impossible to discount.

I can't believe the AOA sensor itself would be faulty, and any software would have been hellishly tested for every possible known condition, so the problem as I see it is that the specific problem here is new and has not been seen before. Thus, there is no definitive test to qualify the flight system to check for mitigation of the issue. Flight system is very much likely good to go for any known issues - except this is a new one. This pitch-up issue is known, as well as how to deal with it - but something else is at work here that will likely turn out to *not* be the augmentation system directly nor failure of the actual AOA sensors, but something externally unexpected that drives either of these nuts. Things started to go south pretty close to the ground (couple of thousand feet or so) where the air is quite dense.

*swigs a glass of cold water from the cooler*

Fluid dynamics FTW!
how many attempt to get that saw together right
Bruce Kramer
Technology can fat ahead of the yooman beans, do no one benefits. When they 1st built the 707 it had swept wings, while almost all pilots had only flown straight wings. Swept wings can develop Dutch rolls while straight ones don't. The 707 rudder was big enough for the pilot to counter Dutch rolls, but the straight wing pilots were challenged to do this, even with training. I think Boeing eventually had to increase the rudder size. Lotza barfing. Mebbe keyrunch.
Seee technology is pretty stupid. Software updates are the biggest, constant pain in the ass
Talking airline safety for a minute here, and probably wouldnt help with the 737 situation, but why couldnt they devise some sort of safety system with crash sensors and ability to render the onboard fuel inert, and unable to burn, it seems like a lot of deaths occur not from the crash itself but the fuel burning.
If anyone can figure how to do it I bet you could,and make yourself a few million in the process.
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