Nasa astronauts are about to step Space Station White Noise 1 day ago   2:50:53

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Space Station White Noise Nasa astronauts are about to step 1 day ago   10:00:00

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Man, how did I end up on a space station again? They just told me there would be "frequent business travel" when I got hired. Didn't realize that meant interstellar travel, but I sure get some great pics for Instagram.

Pretty sure I should be racking up some frequent flyer miles on this trip too. Maybe I can cash out for a weekend Mars getaway. I hope there's no blackout dates. In the meantime, things are pretty peaceful here and that deep white-noise hum always helps me clear my mind so I can focus, study, relax or sleep.

I wonder if they have zero-g basketball here? I gotta brush up on my skills. Dunking the ball in zero-g is never fun, your body just flies up and hits the backboard, bounces off it and careens through space until the robot capture nets bring you back. On the other hand, dribbling is way more awesome. There are zip lines across the court at different heights so you can move along them while bouncing the ball off the floor or ceiling. Or, you can just let the ball float down the court. I wonder if I can get hired as Commissioner of the Professional Zero-G Basketball League? (PZGBL) Next up on ESPN, the PZGBL Intergalactic Collegiate Finals!

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Does this sound remind you of Star Trek Deep Space 9? Kinda brings back some memories.