How to Deal with Toxic People How to Deal with Toxic People 4 months ago   04:54

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Thank you for stopping by Dee'Tox Life Coaching Channel. This is a Channel where anything and everything will positively impact your life!

In this video, I want to share with you 3 effective tips on how to deal with Toxic/Negative people. I promise, the next time you are around negative people, you will be just fine if you take my advice.

Let me help you Heal into a Happy Life!

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White Siafu
Thank you Dee! I feel uplifted just listening to you! 😄
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How to Deal with Toxic People How to Deal with Toxic People 4 months ago   32:04

How to Deal with Toxic People (Episode 12)

In episode 12, Linda and Gabi talk about how to deal with people who seem to constantly bring you down and make your life toxic. Simply ignore or get rid of them? Nope! There’s a more harmonious and wise way than that. Listen to hear more about on this week’s episode!


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