Adolescence and Learning - The Teenage Brain Atom: The Illusion Of Reality | Science 4 months ago   42:37

Cambridge University Press ELT
In this webinar, educational psychologist Juliet Starbuck looks at the impact of changes in the brain on adolescent behaviour and thinking, how social influence affects learning, and what we can do to support the students we teach.

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Nataliia Dzhy
It's impossible to listen. The sound is horrible.
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Atom: The Illusion Of Reality | Science Adolescence and Learning - The Teenage Brain 4 months ago   48:50

In this 3rd episode of Atom 'The Illusion of Reality', scientists explore how reality is just an illusion...

The most important scientific discovery of the twentieth century, the discovery of the atom is explored in The Atom. Presented by physicist Dr Jim Al-Khalili, the series will delve into the thrilling human drama at the heart of the most extraordinary scientific revolution of all time.

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