Obama economy vs. Trump economy Hannity: Democracy does depend 4 months ago   05:49

Fox Business
Raymond James Chief Investment Strategist Jeff Saut and Fox News contributor Gary Kaltbaum on the economy under President Trump versus that under President Obama.

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Pancho Villa
Obama saved us from the recession. The first years, the debt increased to fight the recession, but after that the deficits were going down.  Under Trump and his tax cuts for his rich friends, the deficit has already started to climb.  But we're not using the money to fix the economy, just to fund his friends. Next yr the deficit is expected to hit $1 Trillion.. Guess who gets to pay the interest on that borrowing? YOU do, the guy who is buying ribs on the national credit card.
mike diamond
mike diamond
Obama,did nothing,worst of the worst!
Justice Forall
You’re right. That’s what I’ve been saying. They were closet socialists, now out in the open. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore.
Frank B
Trumps fake economy growth, what a big bunch of Republitard crap ! Republitards are too busy trying to change anything with Obama's name on it they have done nothing a big ole egg , zero, zilch ! Hahaha keep believing Ronald Rumps make believe BS !
Ancient Letter-head
Obama is such a.. what I call Shitsnazi
I hate you people in this comment section. Obama/Trump supporters alike. everybody.
potato head
obama plz come back the country is crumbling and in famine💀💀💀

Edit: I wanna see how many butt hurt trumpamzees are gonna respond lmao
King Julien
Everything was way better when Obama was president he put the USA in more debt but he also restored the USA economy when he was elected president the first time
Peter Rossi
Just garbage fake news fox
Oh boy, this has not aged well
King Midas
*Dumbest President EVER!*
King Midas
I wish Obama could run for president!
Obama came in with a 2 major conflicts, a housing crash, bank crash, while trying to use The Heritage Foundations (a republican insitution) healthcare model to give all Americans the opportunity for healthcare, and still got OSAMA BIN LADEN. And Trump, well, you like Trump. So I guess he's better?... what a lack of recent historical knowledge.. I'm so glad I'm not a republican anymore... smh.
Trumps economy looking really good right now guys
Obama saves hundreds of banks from failure
Giovanni Sanseviero
*Government debt hits a record $66 trillion, 80% of global GDP. 1-2019*

And he's a deceitful stooge of Putin because of his Trump debt and allegiance.
Where's the greatness of this smoke-n-mirror president? Wake up, assholes.
King Midas
*Trump aint 💩!*
Delovely 1
Trying to see from the otherside and its a joke. Hard to believe people take this seriously as actual news
Fox is the epitome of fake news.
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Hannity: Democracy does depend Obama economy vs. Trump economy 4 months ago   08:19

Obama was right: this November election is more important than any midterm in our lifetime.