Tenant goes after Property I had a tenant eviction GO BAD, Part 2 months ago   02:47

Juz Cuz
When you think of landlord-tenant disputes, you might picture a modest apartment or house where repairs aren't being made. But one local tenant's dispute is over a house that cost her $3,000 a month in rent. It's a case with a number of unexpected twists, including the fact that instead of going after the landlord, this tenant is going after the property management company that helped her rent the home.

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Jay G
Just leave you dead beat tenant; buy your own house and see how it feels. You shit
Mike Richardson
Get the landlord for B&E right off the bat
Eileene Clark
7/30/18.....That's why you read a lease & get ALL your questions answeted BEFORE you sign a lease.
BEST is to buy your own place b/c paying tent is throwing money down the drain!!
Maximus Prime
Suffer ye children...yeesh.
Yeah, seems like she's really suffering. I mean being able to pay 3k in rent each month, in palatial surroundings.. _poor thing_ ..
Trudi Fruty
I had the same problem rented a house that had a barn on the property just to find out I couldn't use it someone else had rented it I was pissed cause people were coming on the property I rented an I couldn't do anything about it so I moved
Marty Mahem
She didn't ask what that out building was for when she looked at the property? That was stupid.
Nonya Busi
3k a month is very reasonable for that house on 9 acres and some people do earn much money and prefer not to own until they know where they want to live, a decent one bedroom in a safer part of Manhattan goes for 3k easy, the lady isn't spoiled, she just doesn't want squatters on her property which she rents and pay their electric, she also is an author, a published author who likes quiet places to write which is her income
Alec Edgeworth
They don’t have to notify in writing only 24 hours notice and by phone is ok
Goodie Gurl
3,000 a month? What, is she made of money???? Or trying to keep up with the Jones's
If you're paying 3000 a month in rent, maybe you should be buying a house vs wasting that money.
Seems to me that the second rental on the property is illegal. The electric company only installed one meter for both the house and the barn.
Azri Stewart
WOW is right..the lady in good faith RENTS & MOVES into the place, ends up PAYING 3 HOUSEHOLDS ELECTRIC BILL, gets inconvenienced day and night by not just the landlord (FUCKWIT!!) but the other folks living on the property? FUCK YES SHE DESERVES TO BE COMPENSATED!!

there are some REALLY delusional people here..just because she has $$ it's her fault? what FUCKING INSANE TROLL LOGIC IS THIS??
Cathy Tolbert
how. can I tour a gk property?
Mary Thompson
wow!!! spoiled rotten/get what you deserve!!! I wish this was all I had to worry about
Poor Lady,  How on earth could she have gotten that right?  or should i say how on earth could she be in any way responsible for getting it wrong?   The OWNER is the one who should be in court but then is that goung to cost more then its worth?   Maybe a case for judge JUDEY.
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I had a tenant eviction GO BAD, Part Tenant goes after Property 2 months ago   10:58

Evicting a tenant can be very stressful, in this video we actually walk through a house with the sheriff and the exterminator, to determine how and what to do with this non-paying tenant. We did find out the house is bed bug infested, so we got out real quick. But this is the first time I've seen a sheriff act like this. It seems like he's on the side of the non-paying tenant....
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