The Baltic coast Cute & curious little fur friends 1 day ago   48:01

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This episode presents the natural beauty of the shifting sand dunes of the Curonian Spit, the romantic beaches of the Latvian Baltic Sea and the island worlds of Estonia. Time and again, this deserted and almost untouched nature fascinates. In the winter, ringed seals give birth to their young on the pack ice. In the spring, Konik wild horse stallions fight fierce battles amongst themselves, while colourful European rollers fly through the dune forests. Lynxes wander through the coastal forests and in the orchid meadows turncoats and hoopoes find more than enough food. On the islands around Saaremaa in Estonia, grey seals hunt for fish. They share the archipelago with Europe’s largest tern, the Caspian tern.

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Diane M Kuchins, too
nice to see a documentary from this part of the world.
MrAugust S
One of the best I seen. Thanks
Susan Strickland
Oh wow, so lovely!!!
Edward Smith
Thought Elk were different than Moose.
Fitz Yehboah
Pure and True.. Magnific
Tom Ivan Kortkamp
An exquisite video!
Romeo Whiskey
More great places to visit when I get my Garcia 52!
Terri Smith
"Herb Day"...what a wonderful holiday.
davood rahmanzadeh
I love the 8:40 when the little horse fall down they all stopped the raise and check on it
Teddles Peddles
What a beautiful place thanks for sharing this with us. 👍👍
baltic sea is my big swimming pool
davood rahmanzadeh
Beautiful part of our planet
Jill Conner
I thought it was called the Amber coast because the water was dark and amber colored? But the Amber in water seemsvto be the reason!
Simona Barela
That’s Moose,not Elk!
50 Cal
I enjoyed it thoroughly. However, at 20:04 min that is Moose I believe not an Elk.
Zugzug Zugzugson
if i see one more american post a comment that says "its a moose not an elk LOL" i am going to commit another 911.
LOOK YOU RETARDS; its referred to as an "Elk" and that is proven by the fact that almost every single European country has named that species of animal some kind of abbreviation of "elk"..
in Germany its Elch, in Scandinavia its Elg, and even in England they call it "Elk".
you can take your "moose" and stick it up your ass along with "buffalo" (bison) and other words you've changed over the years and imposed on Europeans like its the absolute indisputable truth, because you're W R O N G.
Another documentary selectively exagerating the vastness of supposed european wilderness
West Yorkshire Catapults
Ronnie Hill
With the exception of those cucks in Germany and Swedistan, The Baltic seems like a nice place to think about visiting.
golu raju
Wow.....That's amazing creation of Almighty....I love his nature.....Well I m human we possessed the highest rank above all other creation of Almighty God......I love him his creation is charming no one can find out single error in any of them......God is All Wise....And he knows all the secrets.....All praises belongs Almighty "Allah" the creator of the universe ..... Hey guys I want to ask you something you see Almighty God's great creation with your own eyes how intelligent and perfect they have been created yet don't believe ?????
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Cute & curious little fur friends The Baltic coast 1 day ago   28:33

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