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David Owino has lots of love for one of the most dangerous reptiles on the planet. Owino popularly known as Mr. Scorpion lives along the shores of Lake Baringo. He feeds crocodiles and even speaks their language.

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Lish White008
Ati Jonathan
Vic one Vic One
this is witchcraft...... please dont argue with im an orphan
Barkeshian Benson
komutu kapel akaongea hadi na dutch that's great man owino owino!!
mbachuki mochu
Licia Field's
Huyu jamaa awache uongo sio mkenya
Marvin Ken
Iyo accent si ya kijana, uyu mse aache jokes
Sido Tactics
Luo's are learned
martin oduor
Troy Stone
This is truly one of the remarkable stories of our time! This man was abandoned in a river as a young baby and was raised by this family of crocodile-gators. The two on the bottom are his mother and father, respectively, and the top two are his brother and sister.

They eat dinner together everyday at the same spot for the last 50 years! Truly the definition of a blended family! There’s actually a documentary on Netflix about it!

Love you 🙂
Mary awino
😂😂aty jonathan ni kike lakini kiherehere tu kama wewe unajua kifaransa na hujasoma😅😅😍
boniface odhiambo
Sobele Kenya hahaaha unakijua bro
african were tamming animals long before there is nothing new just the present day africans who dont know anything and education is not in the classroom those people who have read books do not even know how to apply that knowledge in real life they only boast about their qualifications but one thing this guy needs to realise is that speaking foreign languages is not education its just someone else's language just like you have your own there is nothing special in french, dutch, spanish those are all other people's languages
Robert Ajiki
😂😂Soooo, Jonathan the crock is actually a female😂
Mi bado nimekita kambi hapa nataka kuona akiwaita huku nje😱
Waaa hiki nikipaji kutoka kwa Mungu
churchill kjia huyu
Musa Khamis Musa
Lol, This Guy Should Be Arrested For Drawing & Feeding Crocodiles Near Human Population, Because He's Not Only Putting His Life In Danger, But He's Risking Other People's Lives As Well 😒

Hahah, Yani Huyu Mjinga Anajifanya Animal Behaviourist, Ok, Sawa 😂

I'm Not Hating, But Huyu Msee Anavoongea Tu Utajua He's Just Another Baffoon Who Finally Got His 15 Minutes Of Fame & He's Loving It 🤣

Dont Ever Under/Over-Estimate Wild Animals Under Any Circumstamces, Respect Wild Animals & Give Them Their Space 😞

Hiyo Kitu Ikimtafuna Hapo Ndo Atajua Yeye Si Mwerevu, Ni Mjinga Mwengine Tu Kutoka Baringo 😒

Dont Play With Wild Animals, People, It's Not A Joke 😐
Isaiah Aremo
Jesus Christ
chris madubi
he should create his own documentary here in YouTube...His page eating friends can help
Hehehe uyu ni owino kwelii😂😂😂
Monk Kenyan comedian
Jonathan atakugeuka😂😂😂😂
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Proposed Mombasa Gate Bridge Meet Baringo man who understands crocodiles 5 months ago   01:44

The government said that plans to establish the finer details of how and what it will cost to construct a bridge at the Likoni channel in Mombasa were going on in earnest.

The proposed Mombasa Gate Bridge will provide an alternative to the ferries, which have in the past been hit by frequent break downs causing delays.

Peter Mwangangi now with an update of more plans to de congest the coastal town.