Jets right to pick Sam Darnold 5 months ago   03:14

In the 2018 NFL Draft, the New York Jets picked Sam Darnold over Josh Allen, who went to the Buffalo Bills. 12/6/18 (Video by Darryl Slater | NJ Advance Media for

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Josh Allen would have been good too. Even though I like #SamDarnold, the #Jets payed a high price to get Darnold. Josh Allen is improving.
Darnold will be a top 5 QB in 4 years. F'in book it.
bull moose
Darnold is better today.
Brandon Smith
Be battle between two best rookie QB Josh vs Sam we my guy is Sam
anthony gomes
mayfield is the best. clearly the best. weak year for quarterbacks. good year to trade your pick or go for a big defensive lineman.
Maybe don't make the video if the answer to your own question is "I don't know".
Andrew May
Ughm. Yes.
Question should be, are Jets right in not spending any of 100 mil in cap room to help this scrub ass offense.
I'm a Bills fan but I would love to see both Darnold and Allen do well, a bitter back and forth divisional rivalry is something the AFCE hasn't had in quite some time
Jake Viveros
Couldn't agree more it's going to take two or three years to see who's better and for Christ's sake, I hope they both get wide receivers.

But right now Josh Allen it's clearly better you left out a very important stat he's rushed 57 times for 389 yards averaging seven yards a carry and four touchdowns.
Thought we were Equal
Wow I can’t believe everybody calling J.A a good quarterback now, I remember when he was the Butt of the joke in this draft.
Lol but he does look like the second best quarterback so far.
Keep Knocking
Both good QBs I hope they stay healthy
James Snee
I'm just a fan and don't consider myself a good judge of a QBs future. I only saw Mayfield and Darnold in college. Baker looked best to my untrained eye. Darnold seem to run around and throw it all over and for some reason I thought of Billy Joe Hobart.
BJ is a legend in Buffalo BTW. Signed to be Jim Kelly's backup, he went in for a hurt Kelly and admitted afterward the he never bothered to look at the playbook. My hero.
After seeing Josh Allen in a few I really like the kid. Big, rough and tough kid off the melon farm in California. Really eager to learn and improve. And you can clearly see he wants to win and do whatever it takes to do so. Seems the team responds well to him and his attitude. To me his intangibles are easier to read than the tangibles.
Jay Pen
Darnold is our man!!!!!!
We’re in good hands with him
Plus 5-6 interceptions were off receivers hands and garbage time.
Darnold is going to our franchise Qb for the next 15 years.
Get rid of the whole regime and get us and offensive line and a number one receiver.
Sams gunna ball!!!!!!!
Hold this l darnold was only looked at as great bc he was at usc smhe
Yes 👍
Trip trip
lol still insane that Darnold is still leading the league in INTS LOL he aint played in 3 weeks ...

the knock on him was turn overs uuugh i wanted baker but i guess time will tell
bulky spud
As a bills fan I think it’s still early. He flashes greatness and does things that make you shake your head in a good way. I think both of them can be good. Darnold was the right pick for the Jets. Even if Allen becomes the better qb, darnold was the safer pick.
John Roberts
Josh Allen is clearly the best QB in the draft. hes getting more and more dangerous as he plays.
Steven James DeBlasi
Only time will tell, but I don't think the Jets made a mistake. Accuracy is important. I still think (hope) that Darnold will turn around next year and eventually prove to be more successful than Allen.
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Jets right to pick Sam Darnold 5 months ago   10:14