The cheap Chinese bulb that Precious Metal From Catalytic 1 day ago   10:27

Steve Mould
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These LED bulbs will continue to draw power from the mains indefinitely even once they're switched off and the circuit is broken. But how?!

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Sathish Neelakandan
His voice is indeed therapeutic.
Bloody JMF
I have a 6m long hallway and 2 stripes of 220V Leds with a rectifier. Once all light are out they still have a slight glow to them. Always wondered why.
That Electroboom-colab worked, you now have a new subscriber :)
Jacob Child
1.3k Apple users watched this video.
Chris Lewis
Tesla didn't win, it was Westinghouse that promoted AC over Edison's DC
I almost fell asleep!
Lewis Kelly
Electrobooms channel is a pile of shit and it is a shame you associate with him
Chris John
love the plane
Darth Cookie
8:20 "but I know someone who is"
I was like ohhhh shit, here comes BILL NYE!
We have many of these in our home, ......and they do glow when off. The bottom line.......are they causing our electric bill to be unneccesarily high?
The ÀppleSauce queen
I came and described to you because of electro boom!
Johny Rivers
So its because of induction?
This is inductive reactance forming residual magnetism in that coil of wire which had just become a large electromagnet when you plugged it in. This is just like a makeshift transformer. I don't think your electrons compressing theory is correct -> When you break the electrical connection, the mains no longer has a flow of electrons, and thus can NOT "compress" the electrons in that live wire. Electricity doesn't just push electrons through a wire unless that same wire can simultaneously return those pushed electrons back to its source (via the neutral lead). There isn't even a slight initial "push" to create compression until that very moment the neutral lead provides the "pull".
alex wilson
Only side effect is cancer. It excites the electrons and protons in your cells
That is really interesting! Thanks for explaining!
Pax Humana
What if people that have done what is in this video could combine this with hydroelectric energy that also uses the water cycle to essentially create not only a virtually unlimited amount of energy, but also potentially perpetual energy and power as well, and with zero emissions to boot?
Marcel Zuidwijk
@Steve Mould, what happens when you switch the live and neutral? So live goes to the lamp, and the neutral to the long wire.
ali 32bit
so thats why my light bulb keeps randomly flashing at night !
erik sikk
Water and electricity my kinda guy
2:09 They put the wrong lamp symbol in.

It’s an LED not a Filament bulb😱😱😱
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Precious Metal From Catalytic The cheap Chinese bulb that 1 day ago   20:53

I fumble my way through a complicated chemical extraction.

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