A LEGACY IN GOLD / Restoring the State PRINCE ANKHHAF: Anatomy of a Restoration 2 months ago   07:47

Bob Szuter
A LEGACY IN GOLD was shot during the New Jersey State House Dome restoration project that took place in the late 1990's and culminated in a dedication (shown at the end of the film.) The 30-minute doc combines an inside look at the restoration with a history of the State House, the second oldest in the nation. It was shot in 16mm and provides a rare look at a historical treasure.

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PRINCE ANKHHAF: Anatomy of a Restoration A LEGACY IN GOLD / Restoring the State 2 months ago   03:27


This painted limestone bust of Prince Ankhhaf is unusual in that the sculptor made a very real attempt to recreate the live model's actual features, rather than opting for the traditional idealized and stylized interpretations of the time period.

Prince Ankhhaf is popularly believed to be the son of the Pharaoh Sneferu, and younger brother to the famous Khufu. Though ultimately not destined for the throne, Ankhhaf nonetheless served in a very important capacity as royal vizier ( {political} advisor or minister) and was overseer of the works of Khafre during his reign, which was sometime around 2775 - 2550 B.C.

*This bust at one time also had a beard, according to scholars. I opted not to include it in this particular version since the scar on the statue where the beard would have been was so small.