STRANGER DOG TRESPASSES in our HOUSE! (FUNnel TIGER RIDES in a MALL! + Found 2 weeks ago   10:32

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Well Funnel Cakes, OREO is of no help when it comes to getting a dog out of our house!! That's right a strange dog came into our HOUSE!!!! Thumbs up if you enjoyed the vlog.

First a mean ol neighbor comes in and now this! Watch our neighbor house vid:

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John Craig
Luis Mendoza
Awwww. It’s. So. Cute!💝
Kelsey C
You should probably get a better guard dog
Dana & Spencer Darras
Funnel Vision duddy so I know that
Maggie came 2 your house so I need your address so I can go there and get Maggie. From Spencer 2 fertile dudd
HyperPotatoForever :3
everybody watch shawn at 6:00 and tell me he is not an egyptian man. like LOL
My BigHead
you make me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy thank you sooooo much
Gaming fox 1458070
Why you so mean I’m unsubscribing
The elf On the shelf
Duddy say random question’s to Shawn and see if he says yes for every question you ask him
Noah Tazormalazor8664
There was this one time on Christmas Eve my cousins come back from church and some kind of stray dog starts following them and it got into my house so then it starts licking my face and starts crushing our presents so then we kept him in the backyard for a while and I felt bad because he was in the cold so then later we gave the dog to our grandpa so then he named the dog max and that was the weirdest Christmas Eve ever
jennifer maltese
ima just un sub poor dog i love every dog
Yesenia yoo
The stanger dog and oreo should be cupples
Roula Xenos
Evry body unlike this video but day did
Roula Xenos
Ur not aloud too doo date im ganna unlike dis video
Hazim Playz
was shawn naked
enrique mirando
REvenge LOL
Tristan Le
Sysher Jim
This is evidence how ninja turtles are mean and hurt cute puppys 😤
Tim Mulroney
That happened at my cousin's house LoL I chased it
Kiefer Kalix Bartolome
that poor dog her eye need to be fix
Dabirdowlpou sherratt
shawn has no pants on !! lol
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TIGER RIDES in a MALL! + Found STRANGER DOG TRESPASSES in our HOUSE! (FUNnel 2 weeks ago   14:09

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