Tom Wilson Helped Off Ice After Being NHL: Lighthearted Moments with 6 months ago   01:04

Ryan Reaves would be ejected for this hit on Tom Wilson in the second period of the Capitals and Golden Knights game.

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It’s funny because we won the cup, I don’t think the comment section gets the joke
Kaleb Calverley
0:18 0:24 he purposely turns away from the hit.
Adam Moreira
It’s not right, but I understand!
David Sweet
best part of this year
Patrick DeSantis
Blindside hit?! Keep your head up, goon
Johnald Trump
That's honestly one of the cleaner hard hits I've seen..
Jp Horgan
You Live by the sword you die by the sword
Bittersweet Symphony
Thank you, Mr. Reaves.
Aaron Deaton
He would’ve been fine if his helmet was secured properly.
I’m glad he got injured. I never want a hockey player to get injured, but Tom Wilson is not a hockey player. A player has respect for them game. Even the agitators do to some degree. After seeing Wilson smile on the bench after he injured a player, that says it all.
Johnny Emerson
Well he got ejected so apparently it was a dirty hit
rocco steo
Well deserved hit on Tom pos wilson
Chris Black
I could watch that all day
chip And dale
Clean hit if you ask me shoulder to shoulder and Wilson had just touched the puck... in fact Wilson hit in the finals where he just shruds his shoulders acting like his late hit was clean was by far way later than this hit
That‘s what we want... Thanks Reaves👍
chip And dale
Awhhh...poor Wilson can't handle a good hit.... that hit was hardly late as he just tipped the puck to another player... reaves is dirty don't get me wrong but Wilson hit in the finals was later than that with no pentaly....but should have been suspended
Bae Goat
Clean hit
Canada Poppers
Wilson is a baby, that wasn't even a hard hit. It would have been worst if Subban wrecked Wilson hard, the way Subban wrecked Marchand on that monsterous hit
derek hernandez
Hockey is a real mans sport
Gregg Brodney
Who is a better physical player, Dustin Byfuglien or Ryan Reaves?
Ryan, be so kind repeat it. He didnt learned lesson. Watch Alexei Emelin hits also. Hope it helps)
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NHL: Lighthearted Moments with Tom Wilson Helped Off Ice After Being 6 months ago   12:11

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