Tom Wilson Helped Off Ice After Being NHL: Lighthearted Moments with 2 weeks ago   01:04

Ryan Reaves would be ejected for this hit on Tom Wilson in the second period of the Capitals and Golden Knights game.

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Derek Dahl
Thank you reaves. Wilson is a goon, should not be an nhl player.
Connor Lyle
Connor Lyle
He deserved the hit but did the guy actually have to go sign pictures of the hit that’s be
Big Al
Reaves is still salty from the Stanley Cup. Reaves should fight Wilson instead of throwing cheap shots. Wilson will kick his ass any day.
Philippe Cardinal
Never liked Ryan Reaves... until then
Cris Leal
Lmao call it a blindside when Wilson legit had eyes on him until half a second before he made impact
Sidův svět
Great job by Reaves!!! Wilson sucks
Bout time, despise him.
Nova N
5 minute major WTF
Jalen Brito
Lady Byng winner don’t @ me
the hammah
Reap what you sow Tom... Stop watching your pass.... sound familiar?   Dirty hits must be eliminated before someone gets killed
Peroxide Jesus
The bandwagon hate for Wilson is overpowering in this comment section
Mister Whitetailer
Couldn't happen to a nicer Goon! Good on you Reaves.
Tommy mcvee
nobody should be proud of that kind of crap.
Francis Boudreau
cant beleive I'm gonna say this but.. well deserve!! :D
Matthew Clawges
I’d like this 100000x if I could
Cop FromNewJersey
No ones sad about this
If anyone in the NHL deserves a hit like that it is dirty Tom Wilson
Chris W
"Ooo look at my awesome pass! D'oh!!"
Hey random person scrolling down the comments..

Have an excellent day :)
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NHL: Lighthearted Moments with Tom Wilson Helped Off Ice After Being 2 weeks ago   12:11

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